The Ultimate Guide To Sliding Glass Doors

An Overview of Sliding Glass Doors in Luxury Property Projects

Enhancing architectural designs across various styles, sliding glass doors maximize natural light and frequently offer energy-efficient solutions to meet the needs of modern dwellers. In this in-depth guide, we’ll delve into the key considerations for selecting sliding glass door systems and highlight how IQ Glass International contributes to the creation of extraordinary luxury living spaces. 


luxury new build Brazilian home with oversized sliding glass doors


Main Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors 

Sliding glass doors provide a plethora of advantages, especially for luxury properties aiming to seamlessly merge style and functionality. Some of these benefits encompass, but are not limited to: 

Aesthetic Appeal 

Offering a contemporary and polished aesthetic, sliding glass doors elevate the architectural design of modern luxury properties as well as adding a touch of modernity to traditional builds. Characterized by minimal sightlines and sleek, minimalist lines, these doors seamlessly harmonize with diverse interior and exterior designs, fostering a sense of sophistication and elegance. 

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transitions 

With their fully flush thresholds, sliding glass doors erase the boundary between indoor and outdoor living spaces, creating a seamless transition from interiors to exteriors and vice versa. This design maximizes views and enriches the overall living experience, making it particularly appealing for luxury properties that prioritize a strong connection with nature and the surrounding environment. 

Natural Light Enhancement 

Boasting up to 99.3% of glazed surface, slim framed sliding glass doors effectively bring in an incredible amount of natural light, illuminating interiors and creating a bright, inviting atmosphere. This benefit enhances the visual charm of the property while still achieving the project’s ideal performance values. 

Energy Efficiency 

Engineered for superior thermal insulation and energy efficiency, high specification sliding glass doors feature triple glazing and sophisticated thermal breaks to effectively minimize both heat transfer and loss. This design ensures a consistently comfortable indoor temperature throughout the changing seasons, not only reducing energy consumption but also bolstering the property’s overall sustainability by minimizing its environmental impact. 


sliding glass doors used to create sliding glass walls


Types of Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing the perfect configuration for sliding glass doors requires a thoughtful consideration of the various types available, ensuring the selected system aligns seamlessly with both design preferences and performance needs. This segment delves into different types of glass sliding door systems, each presenting a distinct array of features and advantages.

Ultra Slim Sliding Glass Doors 

Opting for ultra-slim framed sliding glass doors is a favoured choice among those in search of a minimalist and streamlined look. Boasting sightlines as narrow as 21mm, these doors provide uninterrupted views and a feeling of expansiveness, making them a perfect fit for properties with breathtaking vistas and cutting edge contemporary architectural designs.

Equipped with high specification glazing, ultra slim sliding glass doors deliver exceptional levels of thermal insulation and security features, striking the ideal equilibrium between style and functionality.

Aluminium Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Aluminium presents a durable, low-maintenance answer for luxury property designs, proving to be a fitting material for many different climates. The robust nature of aluminium enables the incorporation of larger glass panels and slimmer frames, offering expansive views and a modern aesthetic. Moreover, aluminium sliding doors excel in thermal performance and come in an extensive array of PPC RAL colours and finishes, catering to a plethora of design preferences.

Steel Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Slim thermally broken systems are not exclusive to aluminium; they are also accessible in steel, delivering outstanding thermal performance while harnessing the renowned durability and extended lifespan associated with steel. The steel systems offered by IQ feature slender sightlines and exude an industrial, art deco style aesthetic, infusing a touch of tradition into even the most contemporary designs. 

Hurricane Resistant Sliding Glass Doors

Featuring sightlines as slim as 26mm, IQ’s hurricane resistant sliding glass doors are the optimal choice for contemporary and modern architectural projects in regions prone to hurricanes. 

This nearly frameless design was meticulously crafted through rigorous testing of our triple-glazed sliding doors, ensuring their robustness and stability against the forces of wind, rain, and the overall impact of hurricane storms. Undergoing the cyclic wind pressure tests TAS 201, 202, and 203, our ultra-slim sliding glass doors have demonstrated the ability to withstand wind pressures of up to 3510 Pa, earning hurricane-resistant approval as early as 2014 at the Rosenheim Institute in Germany.

Motorised Sliding Glass Doors

As with all our systems, IQ’s sliding glass doors are manufactured completely bespoke to suit each project. This often includes automation, as it plays a pivotal role in most contemporary glass door systems, empowering architects to explore options far beyond ordinary glazing size limits. 

All sliding glass door types on this list can be motorised and operated through a diverse range of methods, including room-based pushbuttons, radio remote control, app control, or integration into home automation systems, catering to specific preferences and mobility needs.


Sliding glass doors make up a contemporary facade overlooking a swimming pool.


How to Specify the Ideal Sliding Glass Doors

Addressing functional requirements such as sunlight exposure, heat control, sound insulation, privacy, and security is essential. 

Climate considerations encompassing aspects like solar exposure, wind loads, and condensation control are also crucial in prioritizing low U-values and high solar heat gain coefficients to maximize energy efficiency. 

All our sliding glass doors can be specified with technical glazing solutions such as low iron glass, marine grade glass, solar control glass, heated glass and hurricane resistant glazing to address any performance needs. 

At IQ International, our design team collaborates with architects to guarantee that the glazing perfectly aligns with its requirements. Providing us with the essential performance requirement information at the outset of the design process ensures ensures a seamless journey from design to installation for the project’s ideal sliding glass door solutions. 

Get in touch with the experts at IQ Glass International and discover all our bespoke sliding glass door solutions for your next project.