For projects in any areas prone to hurricanes, hurricane resistant glazing solutions are essential

When a tropical storm takes on a cyclonic form and the wind speed reaches 74mph or higher this is defined as a hurricane. For any glazing to be considered ‘hurricane resistant’ it must undergo intense testing with impact testing, extremely high wind loads and water pressure to mimic a hurricane. 

Hurricane Resistant Glass

Most of IQ’s glazing solutions can be specified as hurricane resistant glazing by using the right glass specification and glazing solutions with a combination of toughened and laminated glass panes.

Impact-resistant glass requirements for hurricane glazing are that even if the glass is shattered by fly debris, the shattered pane will be held in place, still providing a safety barrier and not causing damage or injury. 

The thickness of hurricane impact glass will vary depending on other factors, such as whether the glazing is frameless, such as a structural glass wall, or if the glass is bonded into a framing profile. 

hurricane resistant glazing package installed in a luxury holiday villa

Hurricane Resistant Sliding Doors

The hurricane resistance of our triple glazed sliding doors has been approved by the cyclic wind pressure test in accordance with TAS 203. These doors can stand cyclic wind pressures of up to 3510 Pa.

All EN hurricane resistant glazing testing was carried out at the Rosenheim Institute in Germany with the Hurricane testing being undertaken at the Vinci Technology Centre in 2014.


Hurricane Resistant Glass Walls

Most commonly, glass walls are designed in one of three ways. Firstly with structural glazing, secondly with oversized sliding glass doors and lastly a combination of the two. 

Using IQ’s in-house developed Inviso structural glazing system, this can be specified as a hurricane resistant glazing solution, as the triple glazed system allows for extra toughened and laminated glass panes. 

This means that any of these three glass wall types can be specified with hurricane resistant glazing. 

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