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Many of our glazing systems can be specified with technical glazing solutions

Whether it’s for aesthetics or functionality, technical glazing solutions can be used to ensure bespoke glazing systems meet project requirements. Solar control glass can be used to prevent overheating, decorative glazing can be used to achieve a certain look or style and bird protection glass can be used to help minimise the impact on the environment.

Solar Control Glass

Solar control glass is a popular choice of technical glazing solutions and is used to prevent overheating in internal spaces.

This solution involves manufacturing an insulated glazing unit with a thin metal oxide layer on the inner face of the out pane. 

Depending on the level of solar control required, this ultra-thin layer can be specified so it is not visible to the human eye. 

The metal oxide reflects the sun’s infrared rays away from the internal spaces, preventing them from entering the building and becoming trapped inside and therefore preventing overheating.

solar control glass in luxury beachfront villa

Low Maintenance Glass

Technical glazing solutions can be utilised to reduce the frequency and time needed to clean the glass.

Low maintenance glass is manufactured with a layer of the exterior of the insulated glass unit that fills in microscopic dips in the glass, resulting in an extremely smooth surface.

This makes it difficult for dirt and debris to stick to the glass, and also makes it even easier to remove those that do stick. 

We would recommend this for coastal facing glazing to prevent salt deposits form building up on the glass, or for any harsh environment. 

Low Iron Glass

During the manufacturing of glass, there is a certain level of iron present which causes a slight natural green tint. This is not normally noticeable, however, when you laminate multiple panes of glass together it can become noticeable. 

Here you can specify low iron glass, which goes through an extra step in the manufacturing process to reduce the levels of iron in the glass, resulting in an extremely clear pane.

For technical glazing solutions with multiple laminated glass panes, or for a project where unparalleled levels of clarity are required, low iron glass is the ideal solutiton. 

Reflective Glass

Reflective glazing comes under solar control technical glazing solutions. It essentially uses a high level solar control coating and the thicker layer of metal oxide creates a reflective surface when looking from the outside of the glass. 

From the inside of the glass, it appears transparent, still offering clear views of the outdoors and allowing in natural light. 

Also known as ‘one way glass’, this technical glazing solution provides both privacy and solar control.

Acoustic Glass

To create sound reduction glass for windows, a laminate is used in the glass manufacture which reduces noise transmission by approximately 10 decibels.

The laminate used in the glass creates a barrier that captures the sounds, preventing noise from travelling into the internal living spaces of properties.

These acoustic interlayers can reduce the sound transmission through glass to between 35Db to 49Db depending on glass makeup.

Decorative Glazing

As all of our glazing systems are bespoke, many of our systems can be specified with decorative glazing. This includes coloured interlayers, screen printed glass, and kiln formed glass.

Depending on the frame depth, some systems can also hold panes with decorative interlayers including fabrics, grass or flowers for a biophilic design or mesh fabrics for an avant-garde design.

Through use of interlayers, tinted glass or special manufacturing processes glazing design is now extremely flexible and should be incorporated into designs for a unique finish.

Bird Protection Glass

Technical glazing solutions can be utilised to help minimise a building’s impact on the environment. The rise in highly glazed buildings puts birds at risk of flying into the glass and becoming injured. 

As birds are more sensitive to UV lights and the Ultra Violet Spectrum, our glazing systems can be manufactured with a patterned UV reflective coating that is only visible to birds. 

Making the glass visible to birds prevents them from colliding with the glass whilst maintaining a clear view through the glazing. 


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