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Solar Glass | Colour vs. Functionality 

How to Balance Solar Glass Colour with Performance Solar Glass, or Solar Control Glass, refers to techniques and products used to manage the effects of solar glare and solar gain, such as shading devices or reflective coatings on windows. Solar Control Glass reduces the amount of sunlight entering a building while

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Glazing Thermal Performance Values  

A guide to the thermal performance of architectural glazing  Architectural glazing is essential for a building’s thermal performance and energy efficiency. Understanding the thermal characteristics of windows is crucial for architects, builders, and homeowners alike as the need for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions rises. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore

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specifying architectural glazing in the Caribbean

Specifying Architectural Glazing in the Caribbean

Bespoke glazing in the Caribbean often includes some type of solar control coatings due to the strong sun rays that many buildings are exposed to. This specialist glazing in the Caribbean is often specified as hurricane resistant glazing, especially when incorporating…

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oversized windows and doors for luxury Caribbean holiday resort with solar control glass

Solar Control Glazing for Warm Climates

Solar control glazing should always be considered when specifying specialist glazing for warm climates or for glazing which is exposed to a large amount of sunlight throughout the year. This technical glazing solution can be incorporated into many glazing…

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