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Why Specify IQ Glass for International Projects

World-Renowned Project Management 

When you specify IQ Glass for your international glazing project, you don’t just benefit from the wide range of luxury glazing solutions on offer. Our exceptional service and project management skills go hand in hand with our award-winning products and systems. As the only country to deliver our Olympic games on time and within budget, British project management skills are renowned for being some of the most reliable across the globe.  

Widely recognised for the project management services provided with full glazing packages, architects and specifiers can be assured the architectural glazing elements of the project are in safe hands. IQ demonstrate immaculate attention to detail, as well as taking a flexible approach to ensure our systems can be adapted to create new and innovative applications.  

Award-Winning Glazing Systems

Unlike local suppliers that are found in some countries and regions, IQ will take into consideration the wider project when designing and installing the glazing. The technical experts are fully equipped to make suggestions, offer expert advice and ultimately produce the best solution for the space.  

Our projects have been recognised by many prestigious organizations, including the RIBA, Sunday Times British Homes Awards, Build Architecture Awards and the Design ET AL Awards . One of the key advantages when managing our luxury residential projects is the fact that many of our systems have been designed and developed in house. This means our team of project managers know the products inside out, having been a part of the development process. 

luxury holiday home with slim sliding pocket doors in a biparting configuraiton

The Full Glazing Package 

The full glazing package from IQ is completely flexible and can be adapted to suit a broad range of projects. The service can include as many glazed elements as required, ranging from entire walls of floor to ceiling structural glass to specialist glazing products such as vertical sash windows or automated rooflight systems. The Invisio structural glazing system, with endless application and configuration options, was developed by our in house team of designers to offer unparalleled performance values paired with a minimal, elegant design.  

The beauty of architectural glazing is the freedom in design, allowing architects and specifiers to adapt the systems for unique applications including completely bespoke shapes and sizes. For international projects, different climates require different performance levels, therefore the Invisio system has been designed with the ability to be adapted, meeting any specific performance requirements.  


Glazing For Extreme Climates  

Many of our projects have been in coastal locations and have required marine-grade glazing. Any project within a 5-mile radius of the sea, or a large body of water, is finished to exceptional levels to ensure the harsh conditions do not cause damage to the glazing. The same applies to swimming pool environments, where glazed elements are subject to chemicals and other environmental factors. There is a range of technical glass solutions available to suit projects in marine environments, including low maintenance glass which works to effectively reduce the amount of cleaning required in wet weather conditions.  

Depending on the country and location of the project, different climates can require specialist glazing systems to ensure their longevity. This could include hurricane resistant glazing for areas like Florida or particularly high thermal performances for countries with a colder climate such as Switzerland. In our wide range of products on offer, IQ have a solution for every project in every condition. If there is no product or system that currently meets the requirements for a project, we will develop one to ensure the brief can be met.  

Slim framed sliding door systems are a popular way of merging indoor and outdoor environments, creating an indoor-outdoor style of living with the option to expand your living space if the weather permits. Due to the large sizes achievable with these slim systems, they are often used to form floor to ceiling elevations of moving glass walls.  

IQ provide hurricane resistant sliding door systems, to achieve large structural openings in even the most extreme weather conditions. Our glass door systems have been extensively tested to withstand hurricane conditions, going through various simulations including having objects such as trees thrown at the glazing to test the occupant’s safety. The glass within the frames can be specified as toughened laminated glass, this means that if the pane shatters for any reason, the laminate interlayer will hold the glass in place until it can be replaced.  

hurricane resistant glazing package installed in a luxury holiday villa

Using a combination of modern glazing technologies and top of the range aluminium framed systems, IQ have banished the risk of highly glazed spaces overheating in hot climates. Although the natural light will flood the interior living spaces, solar control coatings and low e glass can help to ensure the suns infrared rays do not become trapped in the internal living space, causing overheating in countries such as the Maldives or Dubai. 

On the other end of the spectrum, cold climates that have long winters or more severe temperature drops such as Canada can benefit from triple glazed units. This will enhance the thermal performance and help create comfortable living temperatures all year round.  

Often, it is thought that triple glazing will incur larger sightlines or more chunky frames. IQ have combatted this by developing the Invisio+ system. The Invisio+ offers the same minimal, flexible approach to structural glazing whilst having the capacity to accommodate triple glazed units for exceptional thermal performances.  

Another luxury glazing system that can accommodate triple glazing is the glass sliding doors. With triple glazing, these sliding door systems can reach even larger sizes whilst maintaining a super slim, elegant frame. For climates that often get snow, heated glass can be specified to stop the snow from settling on the glass and impeding the views. Heated glass can be utilised within any of our glazing solutions; when specified to stop snow build-up, the external pane is the one with the electric current passed through it. This means that at the click of a button, snow can be melted and clear views achieved in snowy locations such as Switzerland, Iceland and Russia. 


Choosing IQ For Your Project 

Before specifying IQ for your international projects, speak to a member of the team about which products and systems are right for the project. We can help offer expert advice, assist throughout the specification stage and of course provide a full project management service. Leave the glazing to IQ and know that your architectural glazing is in safe, expert hands.  

For more information contact the IQ team today.

specialist glazing package for a luxury forest getaway