Structural Glazing

Structural glass has the ability to create completely frameless glass installations, on a large scale, with little to no restrictions on size, shape, or structure. Our in-house developed structural glazing system, Invisio, is the UK’s first thermally broken structural glazing system.  

Our years of experience using glass as a structural element makes us equipped to design frameless glass solutions that address architects main concerns with bespoke structural glass. Invisio has been designed with an inbuilt thermal break, achieving high levels of thermal insulation to ensure the glass is not a source of heat loss.  

structural glass wall in a luxury home
contemporary villa with floor to ceiling structural glazing

The beauty of structural glass is its flexible, adaptable nature. Bespoke-shaped glass can be used to create any shape, with the peace of mind of a fully tested and proven system. When specifying Invisio for any application there are a number of tested scenarios that can be tailored to any specific project requirements.  

Some of the applications structural glazing can be utilised within include, but aren’t limited to, gable end glazing, glass-walled swimming pools, double-height façade designs, frameless glass walls, curved glass, frameless glass balustrades, rooflights, structural glass roofs, glass box extensions, oriel windows, frameless windows, glass floors, and minimal glass links.  

With completed glass façade projects all over the UK and internationally, we are the unparalleled leaders in bespoke glass façade design.

Our vast collections of completed projects have included glass facades that feature curved glass, screen printed glass, shaped glazing, heated and privacy glazing.

All our structural glass projects are delivered and installed to tight programs and in some of the most challenging site locations in the world.

To create a bespoke façade we like to start at the beginning and work with you, offering a consultative service, to create a bespoke glass façade design in keeping with your design intent, budget and performance requirements.

frameless structural glass wall with a gable end structural

Our glazing technicians are available for online meetings or in-person if you are UK based. For more information, contact the team today.