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IQ Completes Glass Link and Pool House Extension in Jersey

As part of a modern redevelopment of a pre-existing build, IQ has designed and installed a glass link and pool house extension featuring an oversized frameless glass rooflight.  

In addition to the systems’ sleek and modern aesthetic, all glazing was equipped with marine grade coatings to enhance the build’s resilience against the coastal elements.  

The result is a stunningly glazed design that seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetic elegance. 

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Glass Link and Glass Box Extension

Collaborating closely with the architects, IQ engineered a seamless fixing system for the structural glass roof, ensuring the smooth integration of brick and stone with the glass systems.  

The floor-to-ceiling Invisio structural glass on both the glass link and glass box extension floods the space with natural light and offers picturesque views of the outdoors.  

Additionally, the design of the structural glass link incorporates various opening systems, allowing for complete access to the surrounding outdoor space. 

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Pool House Extension and Frameless Glass Rooflight

Thanks to our Invisio structural glazing system, the rooflight achieved a seamless, frameless effect, offering uninterrupted views of the sky and flooding the space with maximum natural light. 

To support its joints, IQ’s in-house technical team expertly designed frameless-effect structural glass beams and glass fins, as the inherent strength of glass, coupled with added durability from glass laminates, allows the glass beam to support the structure. 

Combined with the timber beams underneath, the result is a contemporary design that tastefully honours the traditional features of the pre-existing structure. 

Contact the IQ team today to explore frameless structural glass configurations for your next project. 

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