Bring The Outside Inside With Glass Courtyards.

Glass courtyards are a growing trend in architecture and we are seeing a tremendous growth in glass courtyards in international projects.

Many glass courtyards are essentially frameless glass boxes that house some form of greenery such as a tree or an array of small bushes. In some cases, glass courtyards are situated outside of the home, but encased by the structural walls of the home which are often glass. This creates a sense of fusion between the inside and outside of the home without having to accommodate interior space for a glass courtyard.

Types of Glass Courtyards

Outdoor areas that are completely or partially enclosed by glass structures are known as glass courtyards, and they are typically found in residential or commercial buildings. These courtyards are made to offer protection from the elements while fostering a sense of connection with nature. A lot of natural light can enter the area thanks to the glass’s use, giving it a bright and open experience.

Atrium: An atrium courtyard, which often has glass walls and a glass roof, serves as the building’s focal point. It acts as the centre of attention and frequently offers access to adjacent rooms or hallways. Many hotels, shopping centres, and office buildings have atriums.

Winter Garden: A winter garden courtyard, also referred to as a conservatory or a sunroom, is a glass-enclosed area attached to a building that is frequently used for recreational activities or as an addition to living spaces. It enables people to take advantage of the great outdoors while staying safe from bad weather.

Patio with Glass Walls: A patio or courtyard with glass walls completely encloses the space outside. It offers protection from wind, rain, and other environmental factors while maintaining an uninterrupted view of the surrounding scenery. In residential settings, enclosed patios are popular and can be used as extra living or dining areas.

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Examples of Projects With Glass Courtyards

Tower 25

Tower 25 features vegetation throughout the building across all floors which creates a connection between humanity and nature. Due to this, the ultra slim sliding glass doors had to be specified with aluminium frames in order to continue the theme of sustainability and natural resources. This is one of our greatest examples of interior glass courtyards as they feature throughout the project. The glass courtyards can be accessed with our slim sliding doors to maintain the vegetation housed within them. It was important for this project to have a real sense of greenery opposed to using false plants and trees for aesthetic purposes.

trees inside tower25
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Beirut Terraces

The new skyscraper is part of a wider plan to rebuild and rehabilitate the city of Beirut and although the sheer size of the building is impressive, it does not lend itself to ‘standard’ commercial architecture. The design includes an expansive water feature on the ground floor, complimenting the green boulevard that continues vertically both inside and outside the building to incorporate some biophilic design elements. The vegetation included in the design provides a level of shading to the oversized glazing, preventing the highly glazed apartment building from overheating. The vegetation spans across the project and is present both inside and outside the building. Floor to ceiling frameless glass allows residents to enjoy the greenery hanging above the balcony from inside their homes, the frameless effect of the glazing makes this seem as if the hanging flowers are inside the building at all times.

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Australia House

Australia house features an exterior courtyard full of minimal greenery to bring a natural life to the home. While the focus is of course on interior glass courtyards, this project’s courtyard is surrounded by minimally framed glazing which encases the green space to make it part of the home. This biophilic design allows for natural and real plants to grow in a fully normal environment instead of being placed internally in the home, this minimises the need for upkeep.

If you are interested in glass courtyards for your project, or have any other glazing needs, Contact IQ International today.

floor to ceiling glazing in luxury home
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