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Slim sliding glass doors for luxury residential apartments in Cyprus. 

Located in the heart of Nicosia Cyprus is Tower 25. This luxury office and residential space has been carefully designed to ensure that the south facing Cypriot sun can illuminate the vast living and working spaces. The 11th tallest building in Cyprus consists of 10 total stories, 6 being premium office spaces, 2 stories allocated for luxury living apartments and finally 2 stories for retail shopping centres. The space was carefully curated by famous French architect Jean Nouvel who is known for his extravagant and modernised living space designs.  

Tower 25 features vegetation throughout the building across all floors which creates a connection between humanity and nature. Due to this, the ultra slim sliding glass doors had to be specified with aluminium frames in order to continue the theme of sustainability and natural resources. The project also includes bespoke frameless windows of various shapes and sizes to create a pixelated effect from inside and outside the building. These capture the sunlight and create patterns on the interior of the building as the sun rotates around Tower 25. 

Throughout the project bespoke slim sliding aluminium framed doors were supplied due to the high requirements for security and thermal performance. It was important for the slim sliding doors to ensure that they would keep the 30 degree heat out in the summer and retain the heat during the winter.  

The floor to ceiling framing was paired with the glazing to maximise the viewing experience when the doors are closed. The framing also provides a very high energy efficiency score, obtaining a 1.1W/m2K Uw value. As well as the efficient energy ratings the framing and glazing scores highly with security ratings. The development of the bespoke windows has evolved to adhere to the PAS 24 security standards. Because of this, the slim sliding glass doors have become the first choice for many architects when working with IQ Glass International. 

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