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Sustainable Glass Technologies: the 21st Century take on Mid-Century Modern

Sustainable Glass Technologies and Contemporary Mid-Century

Floor to ceiling windows and clean lines are the first aesthetic-defining concepts that come to mind when talking about Mid-Century Modern architecture. It is no coincidence that it is the latest innovations made to structural glazing that give the Mid-Century trend contemporary relevance.  

With consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious, sustainable glass technologies are constantly evolving to minimise their environmental impact and become an integral part to sustainable building practices across the globe.

Today, sustainable glazing options can take many forms, the most popular being Solar Control Glass, Low E Coating Glass and Electro-Chromic Glass.

corner to corner slim framed sliding glass doors with glass balustrades in a contemporary single storey house in Australia

“Steel-and-Glass” Structures

Another characteristic of Mid-Century Modern homes is the combination of metal frames and structural glass, designed specifically to connect structures to their natural surroundings. 

Today’s contemporary take on this same principle is seen in the implementation of ultra slim sliding doors and windows, with aluminium or steel profiles, which effortlessly bridge the inside and outside spaces, letting in plenty of light while thermally securing the structure, and drastically reducing the need for external sources of energy consumption.

oversized sliding glass doors creating sliding glass wall in a luxury villa design 1260 x 790

Open Plan and Glass-to-Glass Features

Structural glazing is key to the openness, functionality and overall performance of contemporary Mid-Century Modern homes. Open plan living spaces are enhanced by glass-to-glass, floor to ceiling frameless windows, and even full structural glass facades, as they highlight the symbiotic relationship between the interior and exterior spaces.

glass walls create corridor in contemporary new build Australia

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