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Highly Glazed Pool House With a Cottagecore Architectural Design

This traditional style home was extended to include a highly glazed thatched pool house for an indoor swimming pool, designed in a Cottagecore architectural design. The thatched roof contrasts the modern glazing systems for a unique design, using a mix of building materials including glass, aluminium and water reed for the thatched roof design.  

Slim framed sliding glass doors have been chosen to form entire walls of floor to ceiling glass around the indoor swimming pool, finished to a marine grade standard to ensure the glazing was functional and lasts for years to come. When working on swimming pool glazing, marine grade glazing must be specified to ensure the metal framing can withstand the harsh conditions that they will be subjected to, due to the chemicals used for cleaning and maintaining pools. IQ uses marine grade powder coating as standard, but we recommend pre anodising the frames for added protection in marine environments.  

The slim framed sliding doors were specified on one of the long elevations of the thatched pool house in a four pane configuration, powder coated in black to contrast the pale brick exterior and thatched roof design. The sliding glass doors around the indoor pool were installed in conjunction with fixed structural glazing on one elevation for a fully glazed effect, as well as metal framed dormer windows on the first floor within the thatched roof design. The metal framed glazing creates a continuous flow throughout the design, as well as a clear differentiation between old and new elements of the dwelling.  

A flush threshold was specified as part of the sliding glass doors around the indoor pool, allowing the homeowners to open up the space and merge the two environments when the weather permits. Due to the location of the swimming pool glazing, it is likely the homeowners will be using the area with bare feet, therefore step-free travel between indoor and outdoor environments was imperative for this extension.  

When the doors are slid to one side, they all slide behind one fixed pane at the end to reveal a large open aperture which is a perfect example of indoor-outdoor living. The same slim framed sliding door systems have been installed on the main house, creating a coherent design to tie old and new elements together.  

IQ are on hand to assist with specification advice and design, ensuring your swimming pool glazing is installed for longevity as well as style.  

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The harsh swimming pool environment meant the glazing had to be carefully considered, choosing a system that could be finished to a marine grade standard without compromising on minimal design.