Highly Glazed Villa – Villa 22º – IQ Glass International

A highly glazed villa with an indoor glass swimming pool.

At Villa 22º, in the Netherlands, where water is both the defining concept and the connective tissue of the entire home, structural glazing and concrete come together to create a sleek geometric flow throughout the build. This is achieved by combining the strength of water hardened concrete and the transparency of glass, culminating in an indoor structural glass swimming pool

The exterior surfaces of the villa are also a reflection of the symbiosis between glass and concrete, as bespoke, large frameless windows and slim frame sliding doors breathe air and light into the thickness of the home’s concrete skeleton, creating a sense of ease and openness throughout, and allowing the occupants to view the green expanses surrounding the Meuse River from all sides. 

At the core of the structure is the indoor glass swimming pool, strategically placed on the second floor to be visible from both the living room and kitchen through two underwater glass surfaces embedded in the concrete walls. This water pocket not only connects the home across all three floors, but it also provides additional natural light to the interiors as sunlight permeates the water and reflects through the glass into the living spaces. 

The effectiveness and high performance of the swimming pool glazing was achieved by bonding multiple panes of structural glass together with structural silicone, enabling it to contain large bodies of chlorinated water, and function as an oversized aquarium for the interior living spaces. 

Throughout the rest of the home, full height slim sliding glass doors and structural glass walls create a seamless connection to the outdoors, contributing to the uninterrupted flow of concrete and glass shapes and fully immersing the structure in the surrounding landscape. 

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