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luxury villa in Palma, Spain with glass walled infinity pool

Luxury Villa With Glass Swimming Pool and Oversized Glazing

This private villa in Son Vida is located on the outskirts of Palma, in a residential area that boasts outstanding views of the nearby coast and lush greenery. The brief was to create an elegant floating sculpture that is as functional as it is stunning, with a fluid floorplan that allowed freedom of movement through the space.  

Large concrete volumes were used throughout the exterior design, contrasting the oversized glazing in Palma to create a unique architectural design that allows the coastal views to be enjoyed from within the home.  

Complete with its own indoor spa, multiple living spaces and a luxurious master bedroom that overlooks the surrounding landscape, the glazing in this luxury Palma villa seeks to enhance the home’s innovative design.  

The slim framed sliding doors in Palma have been combined with structural glass walls and used to create entire walls of moving glass on both floors of the villa, merging indoor and outdoor environments when the doors are slid open.  

By specifying a bespoke glazing package in Palma with minimally framed and frameless glazing solutions, the interior living spaces now benefit from panoramic views across the hills of Son Vida and of Palma. 

Various configurations have been used for the luxury villa glazing, including biparting and opening corners that slide away from the corner junction to reveal a floating roof effect. The oversized glazing in Palma leads directly to a private swimming pool area, where the highly glazed design continues to the swimming pool.  

Using frameless architectural glazing, a glass walled swimming pool was created to provide underwater views of the luxury swimming pool. Three of the four sides of the swimming pool are made from bespoke toughened and laminated structural glazing. 

The minimal, contemporary design of this crystal-clear infinity pool blends in seamlessly with the villa’s modern design and glass walls.  

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Palma, Spain