The Wall House: Glass Swimming Pool

This luxury home in Portugal has two stunning swimming pool areas, both with expansive views of the surrounding gardens. The home features multiple sets of ah!38 slim framed sliding doors, each one granting uninterrupted views with sightlines from just 20mm for an abundance of natural light throughout the home.  

One side of the large property presents a completely glazed façade, with a ground floor configuration of sliding doors and the first-floor fixed structural glazing. The moving and fixed elements look perfectly symmetrical, presenting a consistent façade design.  

The vertical sash windows from panoramah! have a flush threshold to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor areas when open, opening up the entire ground floor effortlessly.  

The ground floor pool area is situated to the rear of the house, directly beyond the main house. A large, open-plan dining area and lounge create the perfect outdoor living experience for relaxing around the ground floor swimming pool.  

The swimming pool is situated within a double-height concrete structure, with arched designs and open walls to provide shelter whilst simultaneously enjoying the outdoors. Above the ground floor swimming area, a glass ceiling structure provides shelter without obstructing any natural light. 

The glass ceiling houses the second swimming pool, where the homeowners can swim on the first floor. Due to the glass being the primary material in this innovative structure, someone swimming on the first floor can be seen from the ground floor terrace and pool area.  

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