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A luxury curved Glass Villa on the outskirts of a Dutch village

Tucked away on the outskirts of a village somewhere in the Netherlands, this Glass Villa overlooks a beautiful, reclaimed marshland, while the nearby woods offer privacy and a dreamy rear view.   

Unparalleled full-height structural glass designs have allowed Dutch architects UNStudio to create this uniquely shaped home, highlighting the surrounding views with frameless fixed and sliding structural glass, seamlessly connecting both interior and exterior spaces.  

With exclusive, bespoke curved glass designs and exceptional sealing technologies, UNStudio was able to achieve this contemporary villa’s unique, flower-like shape without compromising function or comfort. 

The Glass Villa features two staggered storeys by embracing the natural incline of the landscape, thus creating four separate interior floors solely connected through a central stem-like staircase.

The lower ground floors are reserved to the garage, a music room, and the children’s bedrooms. The level just above is entirely dedicated to the open plan living, dining and kitchen spaces, while the master and guest bedrooms, as well as a hammam bath, can be found on the first floor. 

A large roof terrace and smaller outdoor ones follow the petal-shaped walls to frame the vista enveloping the entire villa, making looking out and into the natural landscape even more immersive thanks to the highly insulated ultra slim glazed doors and curved windows, which allow natural light to permeate through the interior while still protecting the structure from the elements. 

The design of the Glass Villa is intended to represent both the natural setting and how the different seasons affect northern Holland throughout the year, while preserving a sleek and clean aesthetic. Thus, it was essential to the architects’ creative objective for the custom frameless glass designs and glazing to offer the most thermal comfort while keeping views unobstructed all around the home. 

Solar control coatings were specified for the glazing on all South facing large elevations, eliminating the risk of overheating in the highly glazed internal living spaces. The result is a sustainable, luxury home with curved glass to soften the new build design. The homeowners can enjoy panoramic views of nature from anywhere within the home, with unrivalled performance to keep heating and cooling costs down.

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