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A highly glazed luxury villa with a double height entrance door design.

In the heart of the Island of Albarella in Italy, this private villa has been designed using bespoke architectural glazing solutions to achieve a contemporary and minimal design. A double height entrance door has been used to create a luxurious entrance design, highlighting the extravagance of the villa without compromising on modern performance values.  

The double height entrance door reaches over 5m tall and was specified with a dual finish to offer a different finish on the external and internal face. On the external face of the building a ceramic finish has been specified in a horizontal pattern, replicating timber for an authentic design that is well protected from the elements. Timber has been used on the internal face of the door, in the same colour as the timber porcelain outside for a coherent finish. Fixed sidelights have been installed either side of the double height entrance door in Italy, granting uninterrupted views of the property’s entrance whilst flooding the foyer with light.   

The Apertio Solid entrance door is designed to offer unrivalled security values, surpassing industry standards to offer a bespoke pivoting nature. The luxury entrance door is made with a reinforced steel core to enhance the sheer strength of the door system, whilst integrated insulation offers impressive thermal performance and acoustic reduction properties. The double height entrance door has been fully tested for weather resistance ad security to ensure the installation is durable and long lasting as well as contemporary and elegant.  

Beyond the double height entrance door, the main foyer is complete with a double height glass wall with an integrated glass door to create a through view upon entry. The rear garden and pool area can be accessed through this route and the oversized glazing, in keeping with the double height entrance door, bathes the contemporary interior design in natural light throughout the day.  

Following the oversized, luxury design the highly glazed villa uses architectural glazing solutions to achieve a glass rear façade. Double height glazing has been installed in a fixed arrangement to create an entire wall of floor to ceiling glass, granting uninterrupted views of the swimming pool for a true sense of indoor outdoor living.  

The private villa in Italy is the epitome of luxury, from the double height entrance door to the oversized architectural glazing. The homeowners can now enjoy stunning views of the outdoor pool and garden area from within the home, with the added advantage of a high performing entrance door.

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Albarella, Italy