Swimming pools can be designed with a range of materials, including glass, to create a contemporary design. IQ have worked on a number of projects that include glass swimming pool, from modern new build villas with outdoor pool to glass floor swimming pool.

Using structural glazing we are able to achieve completely frameless glazing designs for use in swimming pool designs and the integral strength of architectural glazing can be utilised in a number of ways.  

When installing glazing for a swimming pool the glass specification must be calculated on a project by project basis to ensure suitability, but you should always use laminated glass to protect the filtration system in the event of a breakage. The laminate would hold the glass in place if it broke, preventing any harmful pieces from entering the filter or causing harm to the occupants.

Low maintenance glass may also be recommended for any swimming pool glazing, to minimise the amount of cleaning required in these areas.  

glass bottom swimming pool in luxury home
glass walled swimming pool design in modern villa

Glass Walled Swimming Pools & Glass Floor Swimming Pools 

Structural glass walls can be utilised within swimming pool designs in a number of ways, including creating a glass capping that runs around the edge of the pool and grants views of the swimmers when the pool is in use.

These underwater glass walls create an ultra clear edge to the glass swimming pool design and can be specified with low iron glass for the most transparent finish, eliminating the slight naturally green tint that can occur in exposed glass edges.  

The fixings would be concealed at the base and sides of the glass wall, leaving only the frameless edge visible for a sleek, modern design that creates window-like views to under the water.

The glass specification for these installations would be calculated on a project by project basis and the glass would need to be very strong to support the weight of the water in the pool. The size of the pool, water volume and the size of the glass would be carefully considered to ensure the glass wall pool design is functional and safe as well as stunning.  

The integral strength of structural glass can also be utilised to create full glass floors for swimming pools, using complex and highly technical glazing systems that are designed specifically for this purpose. Multiple layers of toughened and laminated glass would be used to create a glass unit that must be thick enough to support the weight of the water it houses.

All fixing details would be designed on a project by project basis, due to the ambitious nature of these glass swimming pool designs. If you are opting for a glass floor swimming pool design, you should speak to your chosen glazier at the earliest possible stage of the project to ensure all aspects of the complex glazing is considered.  

glass swimming pool with structural glass swimming pool walls
glass floor swimming pool design in luxury home

Luxury Villa With Glass Swimming Pool

When designing a luxury villa, often glass is used as one of the primary building materials to give the villa a wow factor. This could include a fully glazed façade, floor to ceiling glass walls or oversized glass door systems that bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor areas.

IQ have worked on many one-off, luxury villa’s over the years and are experts in designing bespoke glazing packages to suit individual project requirements. Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools are often part of the architectural drawings and plans for these types of properties, and incorporating as much glass as possible can help to create a coherent design.  

Oversized glazing systems can be paired with internal glazing systems to create a continuous flow of glazing, allowing light and views to flow freely through these often open-plan villas.

Where frameless or very slim framed glazing solutions are being designed for luxury villas, swimming pool glazing will extend the design through the exterior design for a fully glazed finish.  

glass walls around an indoor swimming pool in a luxury home
glass edge swimming pool with structural glass corner

Glass Around Swimming Pools

All of our external glazing solutions are fully thermally broken to ensure comfortable living temperatures can be maintained in the internal living spaces. Thermally broken glazing is essential for separating a swimming pool from another environment which is a different temperature, whether that’s a heated spa, sauna or an air-conditioned gym.  

Many architects and designers choose frameless glass walls for home gyms that overlook swimming pool areas, to maintain an open plan design and allow the light and views to pass through the glazing.

If you are using glazing to separate two environments that have dramatically different climates, heated glass may be suggested to prevent condensation build-up on the glass surface. This technical glass solution uses a transparent metal oxide coating that heats up when electricity is passed through the glazing and can be specified to switch on when a certain temperature or humidity level is detected.  

What Next? 

The most important factor when specifying swimming pool glazing is to ensure your chosen glazier is confident designing glazing with the right specification and performance for these complex environments.  

Get in touch with us to discuss your glass swimming pool design, the team are on hand to assist with your project and ensure you choose the tight glazing for the environment.  

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