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Contemporary Extension in Australia With Slim framed Sliding Doors

This home in Australia underwent a renovation and extension, to modernise the heritage style property whilst preserving some of the original charm and extending the useable space. The home was previously dark and poorly ventilated due to the segregated floorplan that is commonly seen in this style of home, transforming it into a series of interlinked spaces. Each of the spaces has its own unique character, following an almost open plan layout that feels spacious and relaxed.  

Putting a modern twist on the rear extension, the two storey extension was designed to challenge the geometry of the original heritage style dwelling. The glazing was an integral part of the design, capturing natural light and allowing it to flow through the home. Using a palette of brick, steel and timber the new extension contrasted the existing building to create a clear differentiation between old and new elements.  

A frameless structural glass link was created to join the two buildings, creating a highly glazed design in conjunction with the slim framed sliding doors in Australia. Slim framed sliding door systems were manufactured on a completely bespoke basis, tailoring the oversized systems to the size of the opening to create a floor to ceiling finish. The second storey of the triangle shaped dwelling uses a layer of brick over the façade, with deliberate missing bricks to allow light and views to pass through.  

The slim framed sliding doors in Australia have a completely flush threshold, allowing indoor and outdoor environments to be fully merged when the doors are slid open. The three pane configuration was specified with all three panes sliding for added flexibility, allowing multiple paths of travel to be easily accessed. The building wraps around a sculptural staircase, which is located under a folding origami, timber lined ceiling. The staircase is an interior design feature, enhanced further by the positioning of the slim framed sliding doors in Australia which allow light into the stairwell and highlight the bespoke design.  

The new rear extension has completely changed the layout and the way the homeowners use the space, thanks to the slim framed sliding doors in Australia bringing a bit of the outdoors in. The contemporary rear extension brings floods of light into the home and enhances the ventilation for a renovation that truly enhances the functionality as well as the look.  

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