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Luxury Swiss Villa with Floor to Ceiling Sliding Glass Doors

This Luxury mountainside villa in Switzerland offers panoramic views of the surrounding Swiss Alps through the large elevations of floor to ceiling sliding glass doors.  

The build and design is a modern take on the traditional Swiss villa, which traditionally sits low with pointed roofs to protect against heavy snow and harsh cold climate elements. This villa – designed by Renggli – used the latest construction technologies of reinforced concrete and highly insulated glazing to create a modern and open structure set on the side of the mountain.  

The homeowners were inspired by their frequent travels to create a villa with floor to ceiling elevations of glass and panoramic views, extending ceiling heights and opening up the interiors to the expansive landscape beyond. The floor to ceiling glass walls were created with the use of minimal windows sliding doors to create a floor to ceiling sliding glass wall on all outward facing walls.  

Sustainability was a key part of the glass villa design. The state-of-the-art construction and energy efficient technologies ensure a sustainable build. The large glass sliding glass facades offer the villa a unique opportunity to employ heating via solar gain with external Venetian blinds integrated to control this energy to avoid overheating.  

Slim sliding glass doors as used here are characterised by their hidden head and base frames, flush thresholds across the base and minimal interlock framing. The result is a front row view of the mountainside and Rhone valley beyond. The elevated upper floors have excellent views through the glass facades that sit above the foliage, the structure sensitively sitting within the treeline.  

Internally, frameless glass balustrades continue this dedication to capturing the view. The clear glass barriers overlook the double height living space and floor to ceiling glass façade, ensuring no obstruction to the impressive view.  

The very slim glazing solution is used as a large structural glass window on the back of the house to complete the glass façade. This structural glazing increases the amount of light in the house allowing the key view from anywhere inside of the house. 

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