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Contemporary New Build Home Design in Belgium

This luxury home was designed with a highly glazed façade, using a mix of fixed and opening elements for a flexible design that creates an indoor-outdoor style of living. The minimal windows® sliding glass door system was chosen for the contemporary new build in Belgium to grant views of the surrounding landscape.  

The glass façade is made using structural glazing in Belgium, in conjunction with the slim framed sliding glass doors for a highly glazed façade design. The structural glass walls are silicone jointed together for the most minimal design, delivering ultra-slim sightlines which mirror the design of the slim aluminium profiles seen in the sliding glass doors. Natural light is proven to enhance general wellness and this contemporary new build in Belgium encompasses that via oversized glazing systems, flooding each room with light throughout the day.  

The exterior design is made primarily from glass and concrete, ensuring the new build does not compete with the surrounding nature and instead creates contrast and intensifies the effect of the lush greenery. An outdoor pool plays a huge part in the overall design, creating a serene environment that enhances the security of the expansive dwelling.  

Timber flooring has been used throughout the interior design for a neutral design that creates a contrast against the metal framed glazing. There are a number of steel columns throughout the floorplan that help to create a modern interior design, using straight lines and following a minimal theme to allow the oversized glazing to remain the primary feature.  

Floor to ceiling glazing on both floors enhances the open plan layout tenfold, granting uninterrupted views of the outside environment from within the home. All glazing systems installed at the contemporary new build in Belgium were fully thermally broken to achieve a comfortable living temperature in highly glazed areas, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the outside from anywhere in the home.  

The highly glazed design continues inside, with various internal glazing elements including a glass shower screen and frameless glass balustrades around the staircase. As well as a sense of continuity, the internal glazing allows the light and views to travel freely through the luxury home.  

Glass to glass corners can be found on multiple elevations, maintaining a light and breezy atmosphere within the home whilst adding to the modern architectural design. Each of the slim framed sliding door installations is complete with a flush threshold to merge the two environments when the weather permits, creating step free travel routes to enhance the functionality for the family.  

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