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A modern abstract villa design nestled in the woodlands

This luxury woodland villa follows an abstract design, resulting in an innovatively designed home that is both functional and stunning. The modern abstract villa design makes the most of the stunning forest surroundings, a large outdoor pool area and a fully glazed ground floor to capitalise on the natural light and views.  

Slim framed sliding glass doors have been specified in conjunction with bespoke architectural glazing, creating moving glass walls that wrap around all four elevations of the ground floor. Large steel volumes contrast the oversized glazing and the aluminium profiles of the minimal windows® sliding glass doors have been powder coated in black to contrast the timber clad first floor. The ceiling was designed with a large roof overhang between the two floors, clad in timber on the underside with the moving glass walls set further back to provide shading. 

The flexible nature of the minimal windows® system means that large, bespoke sizes can be achieved and the large glass doors were an integral component in the design of the modern abstract villa design. Sliding effortlessly to one side to reveal large open apertures, the flush threshold in the base detail creates an indoor-outdoor style of living that allows the homeowners to completely merge the two environments when the weather permits.  

The slim framed sliding glass doors have been installed in various configurations including opening corner arrangements, allowing natural light to flow freely into the space and enhancing the ventilation of the building envelope. Inside the innovative build, double height up and over glazing has been designed with steel supporting posts for a modern industrial finish.  

Large structural glass facades have been utilised to merge the interior living spaces with the trees, inviting them in, and creating a serene, natural oasis. 

Bespoke architectural glazing plays an integral role in the modern abstract villa design, using glazed elements inside to create a coherent theme throughout the inside and outside. Using so much glazing has created a light and brightly lit environment inside, with an open plan interior design that oozes luxury and elegance with a clever palette of colours and materials.  

Frameless structural glass windows were specified for the first floor to contrast the timber exterior design, using timber beams and fins to provide built-in solar shading in certain areas. The oversized frameless windows are perfect for enjoying views of the surrounding woods, or simply introducing paths of natural light into the modern bedrooms.  

The modern abstract villa design benefits hugely from bespoke architectural glazing, including the slim framed sliding glass doors that have completely transformed the way the space is used.  

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