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Private Villa in Switzerland With Glass Walls and Oversized Sliding Doors

This private holiday villa in Switzerland was designed with an open plan layout, the large rooms are separated by stone support walls with only a small number of doors. This seamless flow between rooms is aided by the wraparound glazing consisting of glass walls and the occasional opening element in the form of large sliding glass doors.

IQ worked closely with the architect on the job to ensure that the bespoke glazing package for this international project met all project requirements, both in terms of aesthetic and performance.

As the upper floor of the villa is slightly smaller in size than the lower floor, the extra space has been transformed into a wraparound balcony, protected by a frameless glass balustrade. By using large structural glass wall elevations between the internal space and the balcony and glass balustrades around the balcony, you can see straight through the property to the other side meaning the villa does not interrupt the area.

Using the thermally broken, oversized sliding glass doors from IQ to break down the barrier between the interior of the villa and the outdoors creates a calming atmosphere as well as picturesque waterfront views.

Natural materials were used in the build and the oversized sliding glass doors help the villa to blend completely into the surrounding areas. Biophilic design elements were used, having a clear view to the outside and using a similar warm natural colour palette for the interior design strengthens the connection between this luxury holiday and nature.

In order to be able to completely merge the interior and exterior spaces and ensure a seamless flow between the two, the same flooring material is used on the external and internal floors. This transition is uninterrupted by the completely flush threshold of the high performance sliding door systems.

As the summer months in this part of Switzerland can reach high temperatures and then drop below 0 in the winter, these large sliding glass doors are ideal. The ability to open the doors in the summer is ideal for the warm Swiss summer months, and the floor to ceiling glazing with panoramic views is perfect for the cold winters in Switzerland as the connection to nature from within the villa is still strong.

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