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Glass Pool House With floor to Ceiling Sliding Glass Doors

This glass pool house was designed to offer the homeowners the opportunity to relax by the pool without the constant need for travel between the pool area and the main house. The brief was to create a highly glazed, stylish pool house that was functional as well as stylish.  

A monochrome theme was chosen for the glass pool house design and it was imperative that the glazing solutions followed this theme. The aluminium profiles of the slim framed sliding glass doors were powder coated in black, paired with the oversized panes of glass for a modern and minimal design. Thermally broken structural glazing was used to create a frameless corner connection that allowed light and views to travel freely between the internal and external spaces, whilst the sliding glass door systems from the minimal windows® range allow indoor and outdoor environments to be fully merged when the doors are slid open.  

The glass door solutions were designed to slide in front of the fixed structural glass wall, stacking neatly with the fixed frameless glazing to ensure the most minimal design was achieved whether the doors are open or closed. The architectural glazing looks almost uniform with the minimal windows® sliding doors, with black silicone joins between panes to mimic the appearance of the ultra-slim 21mm sightlines of the glass doors and create a completely coherent glazing design. 

To create an indoor-outdoor style for the glass pool house, the sliding glass door solutions were specified with a completely flush threshold. Because of the location of these large glass doors with the pool house being so close to a large body of water, drainage was considered to ensure water did not flood the base tracks. Integrated drainage sits alongside the flush threshold, draining any water pooling away from the tracks to ensure the systems are durable.  

The black roof cladding was designed with a slight overhang, offering shading to the large glass panes depending on the sun’s position. The roof continues past the glass pool house and stops at an external brick wall, creating a shaded area that is perfect for enjoying the outside environment without being exposed to the full sun.  

The glass pool house has hugely enhanced the functionality of the swimming pool area, creating a space for the whole family to enjoy. If you want to create a glass pool house using bespoke engineered glazing solutions, get in touch with the team.  

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