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Bespoke Architectural Glazing in Africa

IQ Glass worked with Studio Seilern on this contemporary new build in Africa, which overlooks an African dam and sits on a rocky mountain edge. The innovative build was designed as a recording studio for a musician and is situated in a secret location, with architectural glazing in Africa to make the most of the stunning location.  

The contemporary new build uses a range of materials in oversized finishes, including oversized glazing solutions that were engineered on a bespoke basis and timber clad roofs which extend beyond the perimeter of the building. The large overhanging roof is both stylish and functional, offering shade to the living space below and reducing solar glare throughout the day. The sun in Africa is so strong, that sun protection was vital for the highly glazed home to be practical and this innovative roof design was perfect for maintaining the modern architectural design.  

The bespoke glazing package included frameless structural glazing, which was used to create floor to ceiling glass walls where the uninterrupted views could be enjoyed day or night. The transparent nature of glass meant the sculptural roof design could be the primary feature, creating the illusion that the house is floating above the cliffside.  

Large outdoor terraces surround the house, accessed by slim framed sliding door solutions. The architectural glazing in Africa allows indoor and outdoor environments to be merged, with sliding glass walls granting access to the terraces at multiple points on every elevation. Each of the glazing solutions included a full thermal break to separate the internal and external temperatures, keeping the air conditioned home cool throughout the daytime.  

Inside the expansive home, an open plan interior design is framed by double height architectural glazing in Africa. The floor to ceiling glass walls are minimal by nature and create a contrast against the natural materials used throughout the floorplan such as wood and leather. Only neat silicone joins of structural silicone are visible between panes of glass, whilst the terraces feature planted trees situated underneath circular lightwells. 

It was imperative for the architectural glazing in Africa to be as minimal as possible, allowing the homeowner to enjoy the location and scenery from within the modern home. The bespoke glazing was designed to enhance the surrounding nature rather than detract from it, with IQ installing a number of structural glass units for the most minimal architectural style.  

Click on the link to read the article of how we completed this challenging project on a cliff edge in Zimbabwe.

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As the home is located on a rocky hillside in Africa, which sat on the edge of a cliff and only had steep dirt road leading to it. Our skilled installation teams experience allows them to think of innovative ways to safely transport the glazing for installation.