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Double Height Highly Glazed Extension to a Traditional Australian Home

The original extension for this traditional style home in Australia was ill-fitting with the rest of the home and did not give the homeowners a space to relax and connect with the outdoors.

A new highly glazed extension was designed to replace the old fashioned 90’s style build and the new living space takes inspiration from Japanese courtyard homes. This contemporary extension in Australia has a purposeful delineation from the original home, creating new bedrooms and bathrooms that overlook the sculpted garden landscape.

The unique roofline curves down by the new hallways in a smooth swoop, drawing attention to the traditional brickwork that sits below, clearly visible through the minimally framed glazing.

Utilising a specialist glazing package, this extension combines minimal windows Sliding Doors and structural glazing with bespoke pressing and cladding details for a luxurious, contemporary design with a monochrome colour scheme that is continued within the home.

Ultra-minimal framing and a flexible design allowed the oversized sliding glass doors to be incorporated into a modern glass façade at the rear of the home. The glazing frames, bespoke pressings and silicone bonding were all designed and finished in black to create a cohesive design.

One part of the extension is used as a garage, to protect the homeowner’s luxury vehicles. The minimal windows Sliding Door is an excellent choice for garages or car showrooms and the flush threshold, which is certified for barrier-free access, allows for a smooth driving motion over the base detail.

Separating the other and new part of this traditional Australian home is a line of black stone, which creates a contrast between the two architectural styles whilst still allowing them to complement each other. The highly glazed extension design allows natural light to flow freely into the interior living spaces helping them to feel bigger and highlighting some of the luxury interior design elements of the home.

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Glazing for this project was designed and installed by Thermeco, the Australian partner for Keller minimal windows.

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