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Luxury Home with Oversized Sliding Glass Doors in Israel

When designing this home, the family wanted to have their own separate area whilst keeping all areas of the home connected in some way. Minimally framed and frameless glazing solutions were used to create a connection between the living spaces and the outdoors. 

The bespoke glazing package for this Israel villa includes multiple slim framed sliding glass doors and various frameless structural glazing elements. The unique cube design of this home gives each of the children and the parents their own private living space. 

Structural glass walls with integrated sliding glazing solutions were used to form most of the corridor that connects the three smaller cubes in the home to the main cube. This corridor on the lower floor is flooded with natural light, and the wooden flooring gives the space a strong bond with nature.  

minimal windows® slim sliding doors were used all around this luxury villa, including on the upper floors leading to the external balcony areas and all around the rooms on the lower floor, providing access to the stunningly landscaped garden and outdoor pool.  

The ultra-slim sightlines on these sliding door systems made them the ideal choice, as even when closed the family have clear views of the outdoors and natural light can flow freely into the internal living spaces.  

Utilising modern advances in all types of technology, this home was designed as a ‘smart home’ with nearly every part of the home automated. Various elements of the home including elements in the kitchen, the blinds for the glazing and the home cinema room can be controlled through the smart home automated system.  

The individual cubes for each of the family members are complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and private living room. In the main ‘cube’ of the home, there is also a games room with pool tables and an outdoor table tennis area. 

Internally, the design of the home uses a combination of a neutral colour palette with splashes of colour incorporated through artwork and furnishing, to give the spaces a, elegant and luxurious feel.  

All of the luxury living spaces in this Israel villa have a strong connection with the outdoors thanks to the minimal framed glazing that forms a large part of the building envelope.  

Flush threshold details and concealed head and base frames on the sliding glass doors in this Israel home allow the indoor and outdoor areas to be completely merged when the doors are open.  

Unique garden décor in the form of chromatic spheres and stone shaped sculptures works in harmony with the contemporary style of the home and pool area. The two level pool presents plenty of space for sunbathing, such as by the upper level and around the smaller dropped level of the pool by the beautiful stonework. 

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