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Bespoke Glazing for Contemporary Villa Design in the Netherlands

Cloud 9 Villa is a bespoke modern villa in the Netherlands that utilises minimally framed and frameless glazing solutions in order to create a modern, highly glazed façade design, including multiple minimal windows® systems.

The modern villa is built with a mix of traditional stone and timber panels on the exterior facade. These materials were chosen for their connection to the local natural atmosphere, enabling the new house to mirror and merge with the surrounding landscapes.  

Minimally framed glazing was a key element of the design to counteract the solid exterior materials used elsewhere. The minimal windows® slim sliding doors and fixed glazing were used throughout the build on both floors to connect the interiors to the outside and provide natural light for the interior spaces. These glazing systems provide a more open living space to the ground floor while bringing the outside in through frameless effect glass.

The ground floor of this luxury villa design has structural glass walls that wrap around the main living space that incorporated curved structural glass panes. Slim framed sliding doors provide access to the outdoors and frameless effect windows ensure natural light is maximised within the internal living spaces.

On the upper floors, the bespoke timber cladding was continued over the glazing. This both offered a unique design to the building and provided shading and privacy to the highly glazed bedrooms. This form of structural shading is a growing architectural trend, especially with the advance of Approved Document O in the UK and the global drive to reduce energy costs.  

The bespoke glazing package was designed purposefully for this project in regard to the building connections, configurations of the sliding glass doors and the glazing specification. This matched the overall bespoke nature of the villa which also included bespoke designed furniture, made completely to order according to the needs of the family.  

The architects designed the building with integrated home automation which ensures the building reacts to the environment, keeping a comfortable interior and reducing energy costs. All the glazing included hidden electrical screens and shutters which were custom designed to match the timber exterior cladding. These automatically close and open to provide the required protection during the summer as well as privacy when required. These auto glass shading systems were integrated into the building automation which is all controlled via a smartphone.  

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