Brookdown House | Sliding Glass Walls

Slim Framed Sliding Doors Used to Create Entire Glass Walls

Highly glazed home designs such as this once have grown massively in popularity over the years. Many homeowners are seeking a strong bond with the outdoors and for new build homes with scenic surroundings, making the most of the views is a must. 

This expansive new build has a large open play layout on the ground floor and large bedroom and bathrooms spaces on the upper floor. Both spaces have a strong connection to the outdoor thanks to the slim framed and frameless glazing that was incorporated into the building envelope. 

The upper floor was designed to have a large floorplan than the first allowing for an overhang at the rear of the property which provides shade and shelter from the rain for the patio and glass walls below.  

A combination of ultra-slim sliding glass doors and structural glass panels were used to create entire sliding glass walls across the rear of the new build home.  

On the protruding part of the upper floor, the sliding glass wall is recessed back slightly, creating a large balcony space, perfect for the homeowners to relax and take in the views whilst enjoying the weather.  

As part of the large bespoke international glazing package for this project, frameless glass balustrades were designed to protect the upper floor balcony without disrupting the flow of light into the bedroom and to avoid disrupting the views.  

Opting for a monochrome colour palette consisting of greys, silvers and off whites gives the exterior a luxurious feel, which is enhanced by the floor to ceiling glass walls.  

When it came to the garden design, open water including large ponds tends to have a calming effect on many people. Therefore, the large pond water feature was included at the bottom of the garden, to create a serene space perfect for escaping everyday life.  

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