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Architectural Bronze Glazing Used to Create Modern Glass Pool House

Minimally framed sliding glass doors were used to create floor-to-ceiling glass walls for this beautiful, bronze framed glass pool house. The design, accompanied with slim sightlines, maximises light intake from outside and provides views of the garden when people are in and around the swimming pool. 

The opening corner configuration provides a great flow, needed for the warm pool environment to allow it to be used as an indoor-outdoor area. The configuration not only aids this practical function, but due to the head and base details of the system being concealed within the building finishes it creates a flush threshold with no step, which helps allow the merging of indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for a relaxation spot with no access limitations for the detached garden pool house. 

Surrounding structure is an imperative consideration when designing buildings that use sliding doors. Due to the minimal deflection tolerances sliding doors require, steels and/or other rigid support will be required to optimise the longevity in performance of the system. The glass pool house uses internal vertical supports to help minimise and maintain necessary tolerances without disrupting the design. These are lined through with the vertical interlocks of the sliding system so they disappear when viewed from certain angles, helping maximise the amount of natural light and maintain a contemporary style.  

For aluminium sliding doors that are installed within a swimming pool environment, it is extremely important that the PPC (Polyester Powder Coating) applied to the system is taken into careful consideration. Due to the high levels of moisture and chemicals in the air from pool water, a marine grade paint finish is necessary. This is an enhanced coating with thicker microns that provide the frames with greater protection from salt, chlorine and other harsh and corrosive chemicals found in pool environments.  An architectural bronze finish has become increasingly popular within modern architecture and was used for this project to provide a premium yet timeless look for the oversized swimming pool glazing. 

Due to the swimming pool environment, the glass specification for the glass pool house was considered at the early stages of the project. If a panel were to smash or break, bits of glass could get into the pool and filtration system. To prevent this from happening, a laminated panel has been used within the double glazed unit. Laminated glass is bonded together with an interlayer, in this case, a PVB (polyvinyl butyral), to help bind the panels together so that in the event of a breakage, rather than breaking into lots of little pieces, the panel sticks together and holds the broken glass in place. This was not the only benefit of using laminated glazing for the glass pool house; laminated glazing provides increased insulation, perfect for helping to maintain the temperature necessary for an internal pool environment. 

Overall, the design provides the homeowners with a sophisticated and practical solution for the detached glass pool house as it allows them to merge indoor and outdoor environments, whilst giving them flexible and relaxing living spaces. 

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