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Bespoke Glazing in Switzerland for High End Homes

Switzerland has long been a go-to destination for architecturally striking, luxury lakefront homes, with the Swiss Lakes being one of the world’s highest priced destinations 

The Swiss Lakes are composed of multiple lakes including; Lake Geneva, Lake Constance, Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Lugano and Lake Zurich. With an average house price of nearly 3 million dollars, these luxury lakefront homes need to be designed with high performance glazing to match the innovative architectural designs.  

So which architectural glazing systems are best suited, and what needs to be considered when specifying a bespoke glazing package for these types of homes?  

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Photo: Simone Bossi


Slim Framed and Frameless Glazing for Panoramic Views 

In order to maximise the breathtakingly beautiful views of the Swiss Lakes, specifying slim framed and frameless glazing solutions is essential.  

IQ have an in-house developed structural glazing system, Invisio, which uses thermally broken aluminium profiles and channels to allow luxury home on the Swiss lakefronts to benefit from panoramic views without having to compromise on thermal efficiency.  

When used in conjunction with slim framed door systems such as our minimally framed sliding doors or slim aluminium pivot doors, entire walls of glass can be created, still providing access to outdoor spaces whilst maintaining a minimal design and without disrupting views. 

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Photo: Simone Bossi


Marine Grade Glazing for Luxury Lakefront Homes 

For luxury lakefront homes, or any home within 5 miles of large bodies of water, marine grade glazing is always recommended.  

As the air in these environments have higher levels of moisture and chemicals, if the right building materials aren’t specified, they may be damaged or the air or begin to rot of rust from the high moisture levels.  

Therefore, steel and timber framed glazing are not recommended. Frameless glazing or aluminium framed glazing are the ideal choices for glazing in a marine environment, especially as aluminium has natural rust and corrosion resistant properties. 

When specifying frameless glazing solutions in Switzerland such as structural glass walls, structural glass roofs or frameless picture windows, the fixings are concealed within the building finishes, protecting them from the harsh environment.  

For aluminium framed glazing, IQ use marine grade polyester powder coating as standard, as we may also recommend pre-anodising the frames for an extra protective layer. 

glazing for luxury lakefront homes in switzerland

Photo: Simone Bossi


Technical Glazing Solutions for Luxury Lakefront Homes in Switzerland  

There are many technical glazing solutions you may want to consider for your bespoke glazing package in Switzerland, such as low iron glass for ultra-clear views of the surrounding Swiss Lake landscape, or low maintenance glass to reduce the frequency needed or cleaning.  

Heated glass can also be used to reduce condensation, a popular choice for glazing around indoor pool areas. This technical glazing solution can also be used as part of the heat source for luxury lakefront homes in Switzerland, and as it can be powered by green energy sources this can help create a sustainable home design. 

For large glazing elevations, glass roofs or any glazing that will be south-facing, IQ would always recommend specifying the glazing with a solar control coating to help prevent overheating in the sunnier months. 


Luxury Lakefront Homes in Switzerland 

If you are looking to buy or build a luxury lakefront home in Switzerland, we’ve gathered some completely unique home designs in the area to help inspire you! 

Whether the project involves glazing for a jaw-dropping luxury home that boasts unobstructed lake and mountain panoramas from its large windows or a home that sits nestled into the cliffside with an utterly unique exterior, IQ will have the right bespoke glazing. 

No matter the location or architectural design style, our architectural glazing packages in Switzerland can be designed to suit any project type and meet specific requirements, in terms of both performance and design. 

For more information about specifying a bespoke glazing package for a lakefront home in Switzerland, contact the IQ team today.