IQ Glass On Site In Ireland | Glazing Installation

IQ’s experts have just completed the installation of a frameless effect glass roof for our project in Dublin Bay, Ireland. 

Equipped with a solar control and marine grade coating to withstand the exposure to Dublin’s coastal environment, our frameless Invisio structural glass roof has been the star of the show on install day, captured here during a beautiful sunset by our project manager. 
The installation process commenced with careful preparation of the site, where our skilled technicians meticulously measured and prepared the installation area, ensuring a level surface and proper alignment. Each glass panel was then carefully transported and installed with precision, utilizing specialized equipment and techniques to maintain structural integrity and achieve a seamless, frameless effect. 

This was achievable thanks to our own, in-house developed structural glazing system Invisio, the UK’s first thermally broken structural glass system that we now install all over the world. 

The glazing has finished with a solar control coating to ensure that the glass roof does not cause a “greenhouse effect”. The framework of the system has been coated in our bespoke IQ “marine grade finish” which ensures that the frames are fully protected from the high natural sea salt levels in the air which is caused by being so close to the coast.  

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Dublin Bay - On Site
Dublin Bay - On Site 2