Indoor And Outdoor Frameless Glass Balustrades

An Overview of Indoor and Outdoor Uses of
Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades have become increasingly popular in recent years for their minimalistic and modern aesthetic appeal in contemporary architecture. 

More commonly, frameless glass balustrades are seen in outdoor applications such as balcony railings, but that does not mean that they are exclusively incorporated in exterior designs. Indoors, frameless glass balustrades add a modern touch to staircase banisters, for example, as well as providing a creative way to distribute light throughout interior living spaces. 

internal frameless glass balustrade

Outdoor Frameless Glass Balustrades

The versatility of outdoor frameless glass balustrades makes them suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Be they flat or curved, frameless glass balustrades can be designed to closely follow even the most ambitious structure shapes and inform their overall flow, inconspicuously drawing eyes to specific features thanks to their transparency. 

In those areas where landscape views are the crucial element of a project, such as coastal or urban locations, frameless glass balustrades can be essential to the seamless integration of the structure into its surroundings, especially when applied to balconies, terraces, and poolside decks. 

While providing a sense of openness and lightness, all our frameless glass balustrades are first and foremost designed to be safe.  

Here at IQ we use structural glazing to create frameless glass balustrades by laminating two panes of toughened glass with a strengthening interlayer, making them five times tougher than float glass and much less likely to break upon impact.  

Thanks to the strength of the toughened panes and their interlayer, glass balustrades can be manufactured to be entirely frameless while still providing all the safety and protection of a barrier and maximising daylight ingress and views. 

Overall, outdoor frameless glass balustrades need very little maintenance, usually only involving occasional cleaning to maintain their clarity and aesthetic appeal. By specifying the use of self cleaning and even bird protection glass, maintenance efforts can be reduced even further. 

outdoor frameless glass balustrades

Indoor Frameless Glass Balustrades

In interior spaces, frameless glass balustrades can seamlessly be integrated into a variety of design elements and styles, including but not limited to contemporary minimalism and industrial aesthetics. In other instances, a frameless glass balustrade can be an understated modern addition to the refurbishment of a more traditional, if not historic, build. Intuitively, indoor frameless glass balustrades require less maintenance than their outdoor counterparts as they are not subjected to exterior elements. 

With their focal point potential, indoor frameless glass balustrades can be used as design statement pieces to create a sense of openness across different interior spaces, as well as amplifying daylight ingress and providing unobstructed views in areas such as lofts and mezzanines. 

Installed alongside a variety of materials such as wood, metal or even concrete, frameless glass balustrades greatly enhance indoor staircases by creating an interesting contrast between different materials. 

In multi level spaces such as lofts or open concept builds, frameless glass balustrades are key to maintaining an open and airy feel across the structure as they provide safe barriers between floors without any visual clutter. 

indoor frameless glass balustrades

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