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The IQ Glass Global Headquarters and Showroom stand as the UK’s premier destination for residential architectural glazing, boasting a vast array of options within our purpose-built spaces tailored for architects and designers. Continuously expanding to meet the evolving needs of contemporary architecture, our flagship Amersham showroom showcases cutting-edge glazing technologies, providing a comprehensive solution for all architectural glazing needs.

Recently renovated, our showroom showcases an extensive selection of slim framed steel and aluminium glazing systems alongside structural glass solutions, catering to a multitude of applications. To schedule a visit, appointments can be made exclusively through our contact page.

What’s New?

After a significant renovation, our revamped showroom now features state-of-the-art architectural and structural glazing systems. Among these are the sleek minimal windows Pivot Door, Opti Edge, and a distinctive display featuring our MARS and ARES automated rooflight systems.

The facade of the showroom consists of three distinct sections. At its core, bridging our reception area with the car park, stands the innovative Invisio facade system seamlessly integrated with an aluminum pivot door.

On the left side of the building stands a towering 6.5-meter installation, featuring an automated vertical sash window and a massive sliding pane weighing 1.2 tonnes. To the right, a glass facade adorned with reflective glazing showcases the elegant Sieger Lux Bifold Door, boasting an ultra slim profile.

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The Courtyard

Behind the IQ Glass showroom lies ‘The Courtyard’, an expansive square that serves as a showcase for diverse examples of glass box design and architectural glazing.

At the heart of this courtyard stands the striking ‘Glass Box’, a freestanding structure that exemplifies IQ’s innovative oversized sliding glass doors system. Visitors to The Courtyard Showroom can experience firsthand the effortless mobility of these expansive glass panels, even at such impressive dimensions. Inside the Glass Box, guests will find an automated opening roof light from our Glassmotion range, along with a roof terrace featuring a walk-on glass floor and frameless glass balustrades.

Adjacent to the Glass Box stands the standalone ‘Steel look Box’, which proudly displays our sought-after Sieger Legacy window and door systems. This glass-clad structure offers a range of customization options, featuring windows and doors crafted from thermally broken aluminum profiles meticulously designed to mimic the appearance of steel. 

The Sky House Design Centre

Our glazing showroom in Amersham is also home to the IQ headquarters office. We showcase numerous examples of glass box extensions, sliding doors in various configurations, a modern oriel window box, steel supports, glass beams and glass fins as well as electrical glass solutions.

Attached to the IQ Group offices is the Sky House Design Centre. This two storey showroom includes the showrooms and offices of various companies that all offer services and products to private residential design projects.

These include smart home technologies, shading systems, flooring and wall cladding, kitchens, wardrobe design, outdoor kitchens and luxury Italian furniture.

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The Brand New Avino “Timber in Architecture” Showroom

The Avino Atelier timber showroom is nestled within the expansive display areas of Sky House Design Center. Our dedicated space not only showcases a wide range of timber windows and doors strategically positioned throughout the building to highlight their intricacies but also serves as a hub for specifiers seeking wood materials for their projects. Housing one of the largest collections of timber finishes, this venue allows visitors to choose and research materials with ease.

Tucked away at the rear of Sky House Design Centre, the Avino timber showroom is accessed through a spacious custom glass enclosure, flooding the room with natural light and accentuating the beauty of our timber range. Embracing the principles of biophilic design, our showroom integrates natural materials into its structures, complemented by custom metalwork and lush greenery, creating an architectural haven rich in texture and visual appeal.

The IQ Showroom and Design Centre is open for appointments Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and on Saturdays fortnightly for appointments from 9 am to 3 pm. To schedule a visit to the IQ Glass Global Headquarters and Showroom, just reach out to our team with your preferred date and time. Our knowledgeable specialists will be delighted to meet with you and discuss your project requirements. 


Depending on the scope of work and what is more suited to the individual project, there are 3 options for our installation services. These include installation on site, IQ supervisor provided to manage works by a local team or supply only with installation instructions and guidance via email/call/video call. Read More

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. IQ have installed glazing in some extremely tricky locations such as a rocky hillside in Africa, which sat on the edge of a cliff and only had steep dirt road leading to it. Our skilled installation teams experience allows them to think of innovative ways to safely transport the glazing for installation. Read More

With any construction project, hitting dates to avoid project delays is a massive issue. The UK has very strict regulations when it comes to planning, schedules, construction and site safety, and these processes can be applied to any project in the world to ensure work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Glass manufacturing standard vary between continents, and glazing solutions manufactured in Europe tend to use toughened glass rather than float glass, offer a wider variety of glazing solutions such as solar control glass and are less like to end up with roller waves in the glass, this is why IQ use European glass for our systems. Read More. 

Not only does IQ have world renowned British project management skills, but we also offer a wide variety of award-winning glazing systems that use high-quality glass manufactured in Europe. Our year of experience installation bespoke glazing packages around the world allows us the know how to advise on glazing for all types of climates. Read More

Most of IQ’s glazing solutions can be specified as hurricane resistant glazing by using the right glass specification and glazing solutions with a combination of toughened and laminated glass panes. For more information visit our hurricane resistant glazing page or contact the team who will be happy to answer any questions. 

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