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IQ International specialises in providing structural and architectural glazing solutions for some of the most prestigious construction projects around the world. Our blogs provide technical glazing advice about a range of specialist glazing topics. From solar control glazing to beachfront glazing specification, IQ are on hand to provide helpful information.

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Beachlands Project – The Story on Site

IQ Glass International on Site in Barbados  IQ Glass International were appointed to design and install a bespoke architectural package for a highly glazed luxury home in Sunset Crest, Barbados.  IQ were approached in the early design stage to work with the architects and created glazing designs to withstand even the most extreme climates that can affect Barbados through the seasons. The impressive design included our slim sliding glass doors, casement windows and doors, all equipped with both marine grade and solar control coatings to ensure the best thermal performance across the entire structure.  Our sliding doors seamlessly grant access from

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internal frameless glass balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrades

An Overview of Indoor and Outdoor Uses of Frameless Glass Balustrades Frameless glass balustrades have become increasingly popular in recent years for their minimalistic and modern aesthetic appeal in contemporary architecture.  More commonly, frameless glass balustrades are seen in outdoor applications such as balcony railings, but that does not mean that they are exclusively incorporated in exterior designs. Indoors, frameless glass balustrades add a modern touch to staircase banisters, for example, as well as providing a creative way to distribute light throughout interior living spaces.  Outdoor Frameless Glass Balustrades The versatility of outdoor frameless glass balustrades makes them suitable for

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IQ Glass in the Caribbean

Specialist Structural Glazing in the Caribbean since 2012 IQ Glass have been successfully completing projects in the Caribbean since 2012.   Following various successful glazing projects, we are now looking to increase the amount of work we conduct throughout the Caribbean islands. Our technical sales team will be visiting the islands from 16th October 2023 to 20th October 2023 to meet with select architects and developers. IQ and the Caribbean. Our story. IQ began working in the Caribbean for some of our UK clients and architects who wanted to mirror the high-quality glazing they had seen in the UK on their

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Depending on the scope of work and what is more suited to the individual project, there are 3 options for our installation services. These include installation on site, IQ supervisor provided to manage works by a local team or supply only with installation instructions and guidance via email/call/video call. Read More

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. IQ have installed glazing in some extremely tricky locations such as a rocky hillside in Africa, which sat on the edge of a cliff and only had steep dirt road leading to it. Our skilled installation teams experience allows them to think of innovative ways to safely transport the glazing for installation. Read More

With any construction project, hitting dates to avoid project delays is a massive issue. The UK has very strict regulations when it comes to planning, schedules, construction and site safety, and these processes can be applied to any project in the world to ensure work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Glass manufacturing standard vary between continents, and glazing solutions manufactured in Europe tend to use toughened glass rather than float glass, offer a wider variety of glazing solutions such as solar control glass and are less like to end up with roller waves in the glass, this is why IQ use European glass for our systems. Read More. 

Not only does IQ have world renowned British project management skills, but we also offer a wide variety of award-winning glazing systems that use high-quality glass manufactured in Europe. Our year of experience installation bespoke glazing packages around the world allows us the know how to advise on glazing for all types of climates. Read More

Most of IQ’s glazing solutions can be specified as hurricane resistant glazing by using the right glass specification and glazing solutions with a combination of toughened and laminated glass panes. For more information visit our hurricane resistant glazing page or contact the team who will be happy to answer any questions. 

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