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Sliding Glass Doors for the Chalet

The Willy Bogner Chalet in the Leogang Valley, Austria is prestigious modern chalet which forms part of the Priesteregg premium eco resort. This project consisted of the implementation of the revered and renown Keller minimal windows, which – thanks to the floor- to ceiling, frameless design – maximises visibility of surrounding panoramic views of the Leogang valley and the surrounding mountains.

To create the modern ski chalet, an existing premium cabin within the alpine village was converted and extended with a new living area with a unique panoramic view accessed via the Slim Frame Sliding Glass Doors for the Chalet. The sliding glass doors to the chalet provide spectacular views over the Leogang valley and the surrounding mountains.

These sliding glass doors to the chalet were created using the minimal windows sliding door system which created a floor-to-ceiling, frameless, glass wall. The large elevation of sliding glass can be found to the south and west side of the modern ski chalet and can be completely opened up on the corner. When the sliding glass doors to the chalet are open the entire corner of the living room is open with no frames or steels left over.

The sliding glass doors to the chalet lead the occupant to a cosy living area which is designed using biophilic interior design trends to connected the interior of the modern ski chalet through the sliding glass doors to the outside. Thanks to the sliding glass doors to the chalet, the new living area leads to the external with no barriers. When sitting inside with the sliding glass doors to the chalet closed, the occupants look directly outside through the transparent glass wall system onto a large wooden patio that offers holidaymakers limitless views.

The modern ski chalet is available to book for up to two guests with included premium services from the hotel. Another key feature of this property is the combination of timber and large glazing elements, this is a combination that champions sustainability because of the adoption and emphasis placed on renewable building materials whilst simultaneously maximising the significance of the surrounding natural environment.

This combination is one of increasing popularity due to consumers and business alike becoming more environmentally conscious and choosing to adopt sustainable building practices. Something at IQ we can facilitate with our bespoke glazing solutions being a perfect accompany to design elements such as timber, which not only enhance one and other but also elevate the appearance and value of the building.

This project acted as a showcase of the high-quality glazing solutions that IQ is delivering not only in the UK but across the world, revealing our ability to deliver glazing specification for whatever the project demands. If you have or are working on a product that needs high quality glazing solutions or want to read more about numerous applications of our bespoke glazing solutions,

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Leogang Valley, Austria