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Contemporary glass extension to traditional house in Belgium.

This classically designed house was renovated using a two-phase construction to open the house and maximise light to the main living areas.  

The first phase of the renovation focused on creating a more sophisticated and minimalistic design internally all throughout the house. The updated design focused on creating a soothing tranquillity to the interior spaces, allowing them to flow gently into one another for a more harmonious living condition.  

The second phase of the project included the expansion of the ground floor through the addition of a glass extension. 

Floor to ceiling slim sliding glass doors were used to create the glass walls of the glazed extension, offering floor to ceiling glass on two elevations. The sliding glass doors of the extension meet at a 90 degrees angle. This angle created an open corner configuration where all the sliding units will slide through to the end and completely merge the internal space of the extension with a stunning terrace and outdoor pool. 

With the addition of this glass extension, the continuation between the living room and garden is preserved, allowing this light filled glass space to connect directly to the garden. Outside the glass extension, a lower-level terrace forms a large and expansive wellness area within the garden. This is achieved through the flush threshold detailing of the sliding doors, ensuring the internal and external floor finishes flow together, merging these important spaces.  

Great attention was paid by the architect to the selection of materials of the build. The external façade of the existing house was rejuvenated to maintain its classical design. The glass extension maximised the use of glazing with full glass walls that span floor to ceiling. This allowed the expressions of the surrounding textured palettes to become the focus, the glass providing a window beyond. A mix of brick and stone slabs complimented the shear glass offering texture and context. 

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