A luxury home with curved glass on the outskirts of a Dutch village

This luxury home follows an angular design, using a mix of opening and fixed glazing solutions to create a highly glazed façade design. With a densely wooded area to the rear façade offering privacy from the street, oversized glazing has been utilised on the front and rear elevations to maximise views of the surrounding nature and aid in the heating and cooling of the home by controlling solar gain.  

minimal windows® slim framed sliding glass doors were specified within the modern architectural design, opening up the home to forge a strong connection to nature. This nod to biophilic design is enhanced further by the materials used and in particular the timber façade design. The combination of oversized glazing and timber has been carefully designed to offer a contrast that does not detract from the dense woodland environment.  

The luxury home has been designed with curved architectural glazing, curving towards the inside of the home to create the unique shape that makes the most of the sun’s location throughout the day and offers different views from different locations within the home. The use of slim framed and frameless glazing solutions floods the home with natural light throughout the day, resulting in a light and airy interior design. Thanks to the slim aluminium profiles of the slim framed sliding glass doors the sliding elements create a coherent finish with the curved structural glass walls, which use structural silicone between panes for the most minimal design.  

Each wing of the house has been constructed to offer views of the other, and uninterrupted views of nature are created by the floor to ceiling glazing. A central staircase leads the way to the top floor which is designed as an open roof garden encompassed in glass balustrades to act as a safety barrier without obstructing the views. The timber detailing has been brought over the glazing parameters to create a frameless effect in places, merging the two materials to create a unique building envelope.  

Control is at the heart of the luxury home with curved glass, using a complete smart home system and solar panels as well as a central air and water pump to harvest energy in a sustainable way. Ventilation is key to creating a sustainable home and the slim framed sliding glass doors are able to offer flexible ventilation to keep up with the homeowner’s ever-changing needs. Highly glazed designs are favoured for sustainable designs due to the abundance of natural light, which has been paired with thermally broken glazing to ensure the performance matches the design.  

Solar control coatings were specified for the large elevations of South facing glazing, eliminating the risk of overheating in the highly glazed internal living spaces. The result is a sustainable, luxury home with curved glass to soften the new build design. The homeowners can enjoy panoramic views of nature from anywhere within the home, with unrivalled performance to keep heating and cooling costs down.  

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