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Slim Framed Sliding Doors in a Mallorca Luxury Villa

This impressive villa was inspired by a bird perching on the edge of a cliff, following the shape without disrupting the beautiful surrounding area of Mallorca. Due to the location of the villa being so close to the sea, the materials chosen had to withstand harsh conditions whilst any large elevations of glazing had to be designed with built in shading to ensure the internal living space did not overheat in the warm climate.  

A large overhand was included in the roof design, sheltering the slim framed sliding doors in Mallorca from the sun’s strong rays throughout the day and minimising solar glare for the homeowners. The roof was designed in white, much like the rest of the exterior design, to minimise the absorption of heat and enhance the functionality of the expansive home. Although many of the choices were functional, the architectural design did not compromise on innovative design and instead of a traditional straight roof, incorporated curved edges for a completely unique design that mimics a bird’s outstretched wings. 

The curved, layered roof design grants a nod to the crashing waves and lively sea, which the villa overlooks from its cliffside location. Sweeping curves are accompanied by bespoke glazing in Mallorca, utilising the minimal windows® slim framed sliding door systems due to their ability to reach large sizes without compromising on ultra slim sightlines. The sliding door installations are complete with a flush threshold, allowing the homeowners to travel seamlessly between indoor and outdoor areas at multiple points throughout the villa for an indoor-outdoor style of living.  

An indoor-outdoor layout was perfect for this villa, using oversized elevations of moving glass walls to merge the two environments and allow the homeowners to enjoy uninterrupted coastal views even when the doors are closed. The slim framed sliding doors in Mallorca were powder coated in a pale silver to match the surrounding pale colour palette, using slim aluminium glazing to frame the seafront views. The outdoor dining area is seamlessly connected to the indoor living space through the use of sliding glass doors which act as walls of moving glass, stretching floor to ceiling with fixed frameless windows above in some parts to allow even more natural light into the space.  

Throughout the outdoor living space, the curved theme continues and can be seen throughout the terraces, infinity pool and outdoor kitchen set up. Inside the luxury villa, the white theme continues as the interior design encompasses a calm and tranquil atmosphere. The furniture, flooring and wall colours are all either white or pale in colour, with woven rugs and concrete floors to add depth and warmth.  

The entire property overlooks the coastline, offering picturesque views that the architect has considered throughout every aspect of the build. From the slim framed sliding doors in Mallorca that allow sea views to be enjoyed day or night, to the exposed beams that span the width of the internal ceiling, this luxury villa pushes architectural boundaries to create something absolutely breath-taking.  

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Mallorca, Spain



The cliffside location made access to the site for installation tricky and this had to be carefully considered prior to attending site. Once clear access routes had been determined, specialist glass lifting equipment was required to tackle the rocky, uneven terrain.