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Moving Glass Walls in Amsterdam Contemporary New Build

This contemporary new build in Amsterdam was designed by Hans van Heeswijk architects, for himself and his family to live in. The four storey home is complete with a hidden basement floor, wrapped in perforated aluminium on the face with a fully glazed rear façade that has been designed to grant uninterrupted views of the sunset in the evenings.  

Entire walls of moving glass walls have been achieved using minimal windows slim framed sliding doors in Amsterdam, which offer 21mm sightlines to forge a strong connection to the outdoor environment. The aluminium profiles have been finished in a silver colour, in keeping with the aluminium façade design at the front of the building, for a subtle design that allows the glass to remain the primary feature.  

The cube shaped new build features multiple sets of slim framed sliding doors in Amsterdam and these oversized glass doors grant direct access to the outside areas, bridging the gap between the two environments for an indoor-outdoor style of living. The highly glazed home is flooded with natural light throughout the day, creating a light and airy interior design to act as a blank canvas for the new home.  

The thermally broken properties of the slim framed sliding glass doors in Amsterdam create a comfortable living temperature all year round, offering the homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the sunset from within the home even through the colder months.

Complete with a flush threshold detail, the transition between inside and outside is effortless and completely step-free. The internal building finishes have been brought over the head and base frames to give a frameless effect finish, with the moving glass walls stretching from floor to ceiling for a fully glazed finish.  

Moving glass walls in Amsterdam grant access to the private roof terrace, which is encompassed in fixed glass walls for added shelter and protection from the wind. One advantage of the glass façade in Amsterdam is the solar gain that will help the architect homeowner to save on heating and cooling costs. The highly glazed areas will help control the solar gain and prevent heat loss during the summer months, whilst the thermally broken glazing systems keep the cold outside and prevent thermal bridging in the winter.  

The team are on hand to discuss your project requirements and any specific performance requirements.  Get in touch with us to discuss how moving glass walls can enhance the performance of your new build dwelling.

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