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Double Height Glazing in Luxury Villa

This contemporary villa has been designed with a number of oversized glazing systems to create a luxury aesthetic, including a double height glass lightwell in the heart of the home. The white exterior building finishes have been paired with bespoke slim framed sliding doors, which were powder coated in white for a coherent exterior design.  

The luxury villa uses large elevations of slim framed and frameless glazing systems to create a highly glazed architectural design, making the most of the stunning surrounding views. Slim framed sliding glass doors have been used to allow the homeowners to merge indoor and outdoor areas when the weather permits, creating one large indoor-outdoor living area.  

Slim framed sliding door systems have been used in various configurations to create a flexible floor plan that allows light and views to flow freely through the internal living spaces. Opening corner configurations have been included in the luxury villa to merge the internal living and dining spaces with the large outdoor patio, which uses the same floor finish as inside the villa for a continuous flow.  

The oversized glazing includes a number of bespoke architectural glazed elements, but none as striking as the double height glass lightwell which utilises frameless structural glass. The tall glass structure uses structural silicone between corner joins to maintain the minimal design, whilst allowing floods of natural light into both floors. The glass lightwell acts as a design feature within the contemporary home, creating a focal point that is both functional and stunning.  

Using slim framed sliding glass doors in conjunction with architectural glazing was perfect for this project, thanks to the 21mm sightlines of the oversized glass door systems which create a coherent finish with the silicone jointed frameless elevations.  

On the upper floors, frameless structural glazing has been used to create bedrooms that are flooded with natural light throughout the day, with slim framed casement doors leading to private balcony areas. The opening elements enhance the ventilation of the space, adding to the functionality of the luxury villa without detracting from the highly glazed design.  

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