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Sliding Glass Walls in Israel Luxury New Build

This contemporary new build is a great example of some of the bespoke, slim framed sliding doors IQ can offer. Completed in Israel, the homeowner wanted a modern design that gives the feel of a hotel Spa and through the utilisation of the minimal windows system, this was made possible. 

Due to the flexibility of the product, the size and configuration of the sliding glass walls in Israel helped to maximise natural light throughout the contemporary, open plan home. The concealment of the head and base details within the building finishes provides a flush threshold, allowing indoor and outdoor areas to be completely merged when the slim framed sliding doors in Israel are open. This, accompanied by the ultra-slim 21mm vertical sightlines of the sliding glass doors, creates stunning floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls, allowing for a great, light filled relaxation spot with views of the outdoor garden space.  

Powder coated in a light grey colour, the doors are in keeping with the contemporary architectural style that the building follows. The slim sightlines match the minimal look of the home, matching the balustrade and cladding above and helping maintain the modern design of the home. 

The sliding doors act as a barrier for the cold during the winter but also, due to the opening corner configuration, help cool down the space in the summer by enhancing the ventilation. This project was designed with a flush, integrated drainage system to help prevent the area from getting damaged or flooded in the event of heavy rainfall. The seamless flush system works perfectly with the design of the doors and has no impact on the merging of interior and exterior spaces. This provides easy access between spaces with no need for a step, helping the linear design of the project. 

The use of these products for this project in Israel shows both the practical and aesthetic capabilities that sliding glass walls can offer, helping provide a barrier from the outside space when required, whilst also helping accentuate and exacerbate a minimal, modern architectural design. These products helped transform the look and feel of the house by enabling an indoor-outdoor style of living to be achieved. 

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