Hotel Elite I Sliding Glass Restaurant Doors – IQ International

Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors in a hotel restaurant rooftop extension

A hotel rooftop extension in Switzerland was built and used as a restaurant. The front face elevation façade of the restaurant is built with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. The ultra-slim doors create a movable glass wall when needed. 

The oversized sliding glass doors with the slimmest of framing allows guests to enjoy the stunning, panoramic cityscape and mountain views. Natural light floods into the dining and seating area where the slimmest sightlines are only 21mm thick. 

High quality aluminium was chosen as the material of the frames. Aluminium framing profiles increase the capabilities of the whole sliding glass restaurant doors. The ultra-slim doors solution brings together the thermally broken glass units and high thermal performance aluminium glass door framing profiles to provide a stable temperature within the internal space for comfortable. 

Aluminium glass doors are also easy to open or close with sliding glass panels. High end material does not add more weight into the architectural glazing solution. Therefore, human power is well enough to move the sliding glass restaurant doors. 

All baseline tracking of the oversized sliding glass doors were concealed into the floor to have a flush threshold detailing. The flush surface on the bottom allows consumers or employees of the restaurant walking through completely seamless. 

When it comes to restaurant glazing, movable glass walls for ventilation are key when near to kitchens with high levels of humidity.  

The minimal aesthetic glass door solution blends into the architectural exterior design connecting both internal and external spaces when opened.

Case Study




Biel, Switzerland