Glass Igloo Hotel | Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort 

A glass igloo hotel; the front row seat to Finland’s Northern Lights

A true symbiosis between nature and contemporary architectural glazing bridges land and sky in Kakslauttanen’s glass igloos, showcasing the power and range of modern glass technologies.  

At 250km north of the Arctic Circle, the architects’ primary concern was of course keeping guests warm and comfortable while watching the northern lights directly from their glass igloo, as nature’s auroras are Kakslauttanen’s main event. 

To this end, the pavilions were designed to be entirely made of heated glass.  

This is because heated glass is coated with a thin metal oxide layer, so that when electricity is passed through it, heat can spread all across the glass surface. This way the architects could ensure that guests would keep warm and cosy, while also preventing snow build up on the exterior surfaces, as the metal oxide coating is applied within the internal face of the external glass pane, keeping the night sky views entirely unobstructed. 

Furthermore, since the temperature required to melt snow away is only just above 0°C, the glass igloos are etched into the landscape without posing any danger to the local wildlife, truly becoming one with nature. 

The chosen architectural glazing is also essential to the overall thermal performance of the glass igloos, as achieving optimal U-values below 1.0 W/m2K in the colder Finnish Lapland climate minimises heat loss and maximises energy efficiency. 

The entire village features two-person glass igloos with a private bathroom and the option for an extra bed, while the four-people pavilions also offer a private shower. It is these very entirely glass structures that have made Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort one of the most famous travel destinations world-wide, as the glass igloos are the perfect medium between the snowy ground and the aurora-filled skies. 

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