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Fort Glazing in the Channel Islands

This historic property redevelopment in Guernsey combines some of the build’s most traditional features with contemporary bespoke fort glazing configurations to create a modern Channel Islands coastal home. 

The specialist glazing package includes entire walls of moving glass thanks to bespoke sliding glass doors all around the property. Taking full advantage of the fort’s location, the redesign created a fully indoor-outdoor living space feel through the apt use of glass-to-glass corner connections.  

From floor to ceiling, IQ’s glass door systems and oversized glazing bring a contemporary touch and welcome contrast to the fort’s white exterior surfaces. 

This is seen in the bespoke glass link that connects the main house to the garage, which allows the owners to comfortably move between the two spaces as the thermally broken properties of the glazing provide the structure with full thermal insulation. 

The walls of the glass link are made up by slim framed sliding glass doors, complete with flush thresholds that seamlessly connect the interiors to the outdoors. Matching floor finishes within and without the glass link contribute to the uninterrupted flow between the different spaces, creating an indoor-outdoor living area when the doors slide open. 

In line with the more traditional elements of the fort, IQ created uniquely shaped frameless picture windows which feature a rectangular shape with curved arches at the apex. These bespoke shapes were achieved through the use of structural glass, tailored specifically to the architect’s unique vision. 

The fort’s exterior features both curved and straight surfaces, therefore it was essential for the fort’s glazing to be tailored to its various shapes. The Invisio structural glazing system was specified exactly to address this, as the bespoke shapes and sizes can be achieved while preserving the desired minimal aesthetic.  

This is also evident in the curved structural glass elements such as the frameless glass balustrades on the upper floor, which fully complement the exterior’s curvatures. 

Entirely made of glass, our curved frameless balustrades follow the fort’s winding surfaces, as well as building regulations, functioning both as a safety barrier and a sleek, minimal design element. 
Combined with straight glass balustrades, the resulting terraced balconies create unique exterior designs, while also allowing the owners to fully immerse themselves in Guernsey’s coastal views. 

Continuing the fort’s overall highly glazed theme, the upper level is made up almost entirely by both fixed structural glazing and slim framed sliding glazing systems. This can be seen in the terrace that envelops the entire first floor, as various sets of slim framed sliding doors offer multiple access points to the outside, plenty of natural light, and picturesque vistas. 

Alongside the fort glazing package, slim framed aluminium systems were included to provide additional ventilation all around the home.  

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