Coastline Glazing Package | Shoreline Guernsey

Coastline Glazing Package for Guernsey Home

Shoreline is a beautiful bespoke home with amazing views overlooking the English Channel. Being based in Guernsey, the home is one of many IQ International projects based in the channel islands. As part of our recent trip to Guernsey made by our Sales Director Emma, the team visited the home to ensure that the glazing systems were looking perfect and serving the property owners well.

A large focus of the project was framing the amazing views, providing great thermal performance and ensuring the systems installed were built/ prepared for longevity.

Bespoke Sieger Systems Glazing Package

The majority of glazing provided for Shoreline is from the IQ brand of Sieger. From Sieger bi-folding doors to various casement systems, the team at IQ collated the ideal package to provide aesthetic looks, great performance and durability. Usually, durability isn’t a large concern for glazing systems seen as they are built to last from the get-go. However, for projects that are exposed to saltwater and high salt levels in the air, it is imperative that some form of extra protection is applied to the glazing and the frames. For Shoreline, the IQ team ensured that all systems had marine grade coatings which protect the framework from rusting due to the high salt levels.

A Sustainable Coastline Glazing Package

As well as the marine grade finishings for the glazing, the home had a large focus on building with sustainable materials that pay homage to the rural materials around the island of Guernsey. The entrance of the home features slate bricks which are typical for homes on the channel islands, this has been combined with timber to ensure that the home didn’t have an ultra-modern appearance which would have led to the house sticking out from the neighbouring homes.

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