Armadale Residence | Slim Framed Sliding Doors In Australia

Modern Rear Extension With Bespoke Slim Framed Sliding Doors in Australia

This traditionally designed home in Australia underwent a vast transformation when the homeowners sought to accommodate a larger family, whilst preserving the original architecture. The project included restoring original features and redesigning the internal living space, as well as extending at the rear of the property.  

The rear extension uses bespoke slim framed sliding doors in Australia to merge indoor and outdoor areas and the new, highly glazed space, is completely hidden from the street view to maintain the original Italianate style. Access to a new underground garage sits underneath the garden and outdoor swimming pool area, with plans to conceal the entrance with soft planting that will grow larger in time.  

Traditional stable buildings are located in the expansive rear gardens, preserved and renovated to become the guest accommodation. For the stables, the original brickwork was completely restored and rebuilt in places for an authentic design. In contrast to the stables, zinc cladding was used to highlight the modern elements within the rear extension building.  

The slim framed sliding doors in Australia were specified due to the ability to reach large pane sizes, granting views of the traditional architecture and the stables from inside the home. The bespoke glazing solutions were fully thermally broken, making them perfect for separating the two environments during the warmer months when cooling systems are being used internally.  

Original red brick was reused to create the contemporary rear extension, contrasting the aluminium framed slim framed sliding doors in Australia. Aluminium as a material is infinitely recyclable, making it well suited to this project where sustainability was at the forefront of the design.  

Pleysier Perkins Architects and Interior Design Studio Sanders & King worked collaboratively to incorporate oversized glazing in the project to create a beautiful combination of modern and traditional architectural elements. Restoring the stable building was imperative to renovating the Australian home, as this brought a unique edge to the renovation project as well as creating a focal point within the architecture.  

Indoor-outdoor living was achieved by using the slim framed sliding doors in Australia, which are perfect for biophilic design thanks to the flush threshold base detailing. The homeowners can operate the bespoke glazing solutions with ease, creating step-free travel between indoor and outdoor spaces when the glass doors are slid open.  

The interior design was reimagined, making the open plan kitchen and dining area the central hub of the home and reimagining the original layout to create a coherent flow throughout the floorplan. One of the most striking features throughout the design was the archways which are seen throughout the exterior and interior design. These architectural archways were used as inspiration for the rest of the design, with the architects incorporating ceiling coves, internal glass doors and circular rooflights to mimic the arched shapes.  

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