Ultra Slim Doors and Windows

With high-quality aluminium frames and thermally broken properties, the range of slim framed glazing systems can be specified to create a uniform effect within a glazing package.   

Ultra Slim Doors

Slim framed sliding doors can reach impressive sizes of up to 29m2 for an oversized finish, with only subtle differences between a sliding glass door and structural glass walls.  

Sliding glass doors can be specified with sightlines from as little as 20mm, complete with a flush threshold to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments. These oversized sliding systems are perfect for achieving an indoor-outdoor style of living, as well as delivering almost uninterrupted views from inside the property.  

IQ also offer slim framed pivot doors that have been fully tested for air permeability, resistance to wind load, water tightness and security. The system also has a magnetic sealing strip in the base for increased security and weatherproofing.

side view of oversized slim sliding doors open showing the flush threshold
villa with a biophilic design and slim framed windows

Ultra Slim Windows

Window systems can be chosen to match the door systems, finished in the same RAL colour, or specified to create a contrast amongst other glazing elements. 

IQ offers a wide variety of slim framed windows each with its own range of configurations and design options, meaning we can manufacture completely bespoke window systems to suit any type of project and its specific requirements.

There is a range of configuration options for slim framed door and window systems, from corner opening configurations to pocket doors, which slide invisibly into hidden wall cavities to reveal a completely open aperture.

For more information on our slim framed window and door systems, contact the team today.