IQ Glass In Barbados | Glazing At Apes Hill And More

The Highlights of IQ’s Visit to Barbados

As IQ have successfully completed multiple projects across Barbados and the Caribbean, our technical sales team visited Barbados from 16th October 2023 to 20th October 2023 to meet with select architects and developers to further our work in the area and foster new connections. 


Apes Hill Resort and Development

We had the pleasure of visiting the Apes Hill Golf Resort and real estate development, where contemporary luxury villas are dotted across 475 acres to provide magnificent views of the Barbados seascape all around. 

As more and more properties are being designed and added to the development, IQ is now putting forward our renowned products and unparalleled expertise for all glazing at Apes Hill.

apes hill development

One Beachlands

During our time in Barbados we also had the chance to visit Sunset Crest, where IQ provided a full glazing package for One Beachlands, which is now finally available for rental with local luxury real estate agencies.

solar control glazing in extreme heat

Architects in Barbados

Our team reconnected with architects we have partnered with before as well as forming new connections, most notably with BIA president Neomie Tavernier, who kindly shared the first issue of CAD (Caribbean Architecture Design) with us and offered invaluable insights into Barbadian architecture.

Avalon Villa Barbados

Developers in Barbados

We have also had the pleasure of meeting with local select developers, some of which have worked in Barbados for entire decades, and shared our mutual expertise and experience in island design.

contemporary new build villa in Barbados

Bespoke Glazing Design in Barbados

Creating unique designs for Caribbean villas comes down to the thoughtful spatial planning of glazing elements, which play a crucial part in achieving the indoor-outdoor living spaces that characterise island architecture

Through fully bespoke glazing packages, successful luxury villa designs take full advantage of the stunning Barbados ocean views and landscapes, while ensuring the best solar and thermal protection for dwellers. 

In our extensive experience of designing glazing packages for hot climate regions such as Barbados, island glazing benefits most from solar control glass and hurricane resistant glazing, as they provide the best protection against solar gain and the harsher storm conditions. 

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