The Ultimate Guide To Corner Glass Windows

How to Configure Corner Glass Windows

Corner-to-corner glazing provides a minimalist and sophisticated solution to infuse internal living spaces with natural light, be they an addition to existing structures or integrated in new builds.  

Tailored to the unique design preferences and needs of each project, glass corners can be achieved with either fixed or moving corner glass window configurations, elevating both indoor and outdoor living spaces. 


Fixed Corner Glass Windows


Glass Walls

The optimal and most minimalist approach to integrate a glass-to-glass corner lies in the versatility of bespoke structural glazing. This can be accomplished using frameless glass and structural silicone to construct entire walls of fixed glass.  

For fixed glass corner connections, full-height glass walls are utilized to extend views even further. This is achieved by bonding the glass panels at the corner using high-strength structural glazing silicone. This silicone not only provides stability for the joined glass panes but also ensures weatherproofing, allowing the configuration to adapt to thermal expansions or contractions that naturally occur with temperature fluctuations. 


Oriel Windows

An Oriel Window can be an innovative structural glass solution for projects seeking a three-dimensional box window or a protruding structural glass design. 

Constructed from frameless high-specification glass elements, the window design relies on structural grade silicone for seamless sealing without the need for frameworks. 

Oriel Windows feature glass-to-glass connections, which then form frameless corner glass windows. Typically, this is achieved with a glass top and three glass sides, all interconnected with a silicon sealant for a frameless finish. However, different designs are possible when incorporating solid structural elements to complement the frameless glass as necessary. 

Overall, a corner Oriel Window configuration provides a functional and creative solution to illuminate dark areas within a building’s interiors. This can be achieved using both flat and curved glass panes, depending on the aesthetic requirements of the project. 

To achieve a completely frameless appearance, the glass panes are equipped with a strengthening interlayer on the inner pane, enhancing the glass unit’s strength and eliminating the need for steel supports, especially in designs involving roof glazing. 


Opening Corner Glass Windows 

Slim-framed sliding glass doors and bifold systems are ideal for creating walls of movable glass, establishing a seamless and versatile connection to the outdoors.

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Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are excellent at maximizing panoramic views and capturing the beauty of outdoor landscapes, be it a private garden scene or an entire seafront.  
The frames of sliding glass doors can be crafted with incredibly slim vertical profiles, thus achieving a true frameless aesthetic. 

Open corner sliding glass doors can seamlessly merge a structure’s interiors with outdoor living areas, effectively creating one cohesive indoor-outdoor space during the warm seasons by optimizing external spaces when the doors are open. To achieve this, the base track of the glazing system is concealed into the floor, providing a flush surface finish and entirely smooth transitions. 

Sliding glass doors exhibit versatility through numerous configurations and adaptations, including open corner sliding doors or a pocket door feature. The latter allows for a full opening, similar to a bi-folding system, as builders create a space in the wall cavity for the sliding doors to hide within when open, resulting in a completely frameless opening. 


Bifold Doors

Bifold doors consist of multiple glass units that fold together, creating a spacious aperture. When considering such a system, it’s crucial to assess the various flexibilities in configuration, size, and profile amongst different bifold systems. For instance, some can open in the centre and fold to either side, providing an excellent means to create a wider aperture than a bifold system that only slides to the left or right. 


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