The Bulletproof Structural Glass Façade Is the Building’s Most Distinctive Feature 

One of Rightmove’s most viewed properties, this luxury townhouse in New York spans across seven floors and includes six bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, an expansive wine cellar and much more.  

At the front of the opulent townhouse is one of the most interesting elements, a six-storey structural glass façade created using curved bulletproof glass. This innovative curved bulletproof glass façade was manufactured in Germany and was then transported to Spain there the panels were curved and laminated together. 

There is no property in the city which has ever compared to this magnificent 10,400 sq ft home. The curved bulletproof glass design allows for panoramic views out of the luxury New York townhouse, providing a wider visual angle to view the outdoors. 

On the sixth floor, home to the master bedroom, there is a glass rooflight, allowing natural light to flow in and highlight the way up to the private roof dec with panoramic views of New York’s Upper East Side.  

Curved Bulletproof Glass Testing

Although it is often referred to as curved bulletproof glass, it is actually curved bullet resistant glass, as depending on the country the levels of security are intended to stop bursts from submachine guns and assault rifles, such as UZIs, M16s, and AK-47s. 

When it comes to testing curved bulletproof glass or any bullet resistant glazing, this must be carried out at specific independent testing institutes to receive legitimate certification. During the test is it fine for the glass to shatter, what matter is that the shattered panes are held in place, preventing bullets from travelling through the glass and still providing a protective barrier even when shattered.  

For example, level 6 to 8 bullet resistant glass is tested with five shots within a 4.5 inch square and to pass the glass must be able to stop this. However, with enough impact and consistent force, the glass may be able to be broken.  

What Next? 

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